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10 Little Ways To Find Joy & Happiness In Simple Things ~ Simple Mindful Living

We can all use a little bit of joy in our lives. Finding little moments of joy can help with my overall well-being and mental health.

I'd like to share ten little ways I find joy and happiness in my daily life.

As I become more mindful of how I want to feel, I have made joy and happiness my priority. My life is more enjoyable when I pepper a few of these joyful moments throughout my day. I hope that these simple tips bring you joy too.

1. Cultivate Gratitude

It's impossible to be angry, upset, or sad when we are in a place of gratitude. Appreciating the little things that bring me joy helps me shift my focus away from my worries or stress. Sometimes when I'm feeling upset, trying to think of things that I'm grateful for is difficult. But I can always be aware of the little things that make me smile. Like how much I love my cup of coffee in the morning on my porch. Or the kindness of a stranger opening a door for me. The hug from my daughter. When I notice all of the little things that I'm grateful for, my mood shifts. I feel lighter, happier, and more at peace.

2. Walk barefoot outside

Walking barefoot outside makes me feel like a little kid again. There is simplicity in connecting with the earth. As soon as I feel the cool grass touch my feet, I feel carefree, playful, lighter. As I became an adult, I lost touch with the little kids' spirit in me. Simply, walking barefoot in the grass brings me back to my childhood.

3. Have something to look forward to.

It doesn't have to be big or expensive. Just something that makes you happy to think of it. My life feels more exciting when I'm anticipating doing something I enjoy. I get giddy when I'm planning a trip to the beach or camping in the mountains. I can't wait to meet some girlfriends for brunch on the weekend. Anticipation is invigorating. Big or small, it is so lovely to look forward to something. Maybe there is something that happens on the weekend or once a year that you get excited for.

4. Celebrate the little wins

I like to reward myself and take notice of my little wins. Many times we set big goals, and even when we achieve them, we don't celebrate our achievement. It boosts my self-esteem when I acknowledge my successes, both big and small. It can be a small reward like making a picnic for my husband and me. It is the acknowledgment and pat on the back that feels empowering.

5. Surround yourself with items that spark joy.

A unique way to look at my possessions is to think about how much pleasure they bring me. I love the idea of having things in my home that make me happy. As a minimalist, sometimes, I can focus solely on the usefulness of items. But I value the things that make me smile. I love fresh flowers, and I get them every week. To me, flowers are the simplest form of beauty. I have a cozy blanket that I curl up with on rainy days with a cup of tea.

6. Hobbies that you enjoy

Hobbies are an excellent way to lose yourself in bliss. They allow you to zone out, stop worrying and focus your energy on something that relaxes you.

When I want to feel happy and peaceful, I do a hobby that I love. I picked up knitting a few years ago, and it has become a stress reliever for me. I love knitting, and it is very meditative and relaxing. Baking is another go-to hobby for me. I bake bread weekly and at least one sweet treat. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I turn on music, open my cookbook and start baking. By the time I sit down with my baked good and tea, I am much happier.

7. Connect with nature

Nature has a healing power to it. You don't have to live in the country to connect with nature. Nature is all around us, even in the city. There are beautiful sunrises and sunsets everywhere. There are birds in the busiest of places that sing. My spirit is instantly soothed when I sit or walk outside, taking in the calming effect of mother earth. I'm fascinated by the endless beauty nature provides, from clouds rolling along a blue sky to sunbeams coming through lush treetops. Take time to relish in the bliss of nature.

8. Watch a funny movie

Science has shown that laughter has many positive impacts on our health. It raises endorphins, reduces stress, improves oxygen flow to our heart and lungs.

Laughter is the perfect way to lift our spirits and change our mood instantly, improving our overall well-being. Whenever I'm feeling low, I put on a comedy. My personal "go-to" comfort show is The Andy Griffith Show. It's always light-hearted, feel-good comedy that makes me smile. Maybe you have a comfort TV show or movie that always lifts your spirits.

9. Visit with a friend.

Life can get busy, and it's easy for the time to go by without reaching out to my friends. It is always so lovely to give them a call or meet up for the afternoon. Socializing, friendships and a sense of community are ways in which we flourish. I feel good when I connect to others when I can be a support to them.

10. Get dressed up for yourself

It feels good to get pretty for yourself. You may work from home or don't have a job that requires you to dress up; taking time to look your best lifts the spirit. I have a long, flowing, cotton dress, it's not fancy, but every time I put it on with a slight wedge heel and some boho jewelry, I feel beautiful. Maybe adding a little makeup, painting my nails, or putting on the elegant shirt that I rarely wear is all it takes to make me feel beautiful.

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1 Comment

Rebecca Reinhardt
Rebecca Reinhardt
Sep 15, 2021

Thank you! I've just discovered your YouTube channel and blog... the day after I turned 45 and am in need of support for this middle-of-life stage. I'm looking forward to implementing some of these tips over the next month, as I focus on mindful living and simplicity 😊💕

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