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Mini at Home Self-Care Ideas Under 15 Minutes

Self-care is one of those things that a little goes a long way.

Self-care seems to be the first thing that goes to the wayside when life gets busy. Especially, when my children were living at home, I would feel guilty about taking time out of my busy schedule for myself. When I did have a little extra time, I felt at a loss for what I could do, that would bring a sense of grounding and well-being to my day.

I used to view care as something that took hours or cost a lot of money, like a spa day or attending a yoga retreat. Because those options were not realistic, I wouldn’t do anything to give myself the much-needed TLC I deserved. 

Self-care is the one thing I can do that will bring life back into harmony. 

When life is chaotic, here are a few simple self-care practices I do that take under 15 minutes.

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”       - Katie Reed

One Small To-Do

I do one small task off of my to-do list that doesn’t take a lot of time but gives me a sense of accomplishment. It could be putting in a loud of laundry or making a grocery list. The size of the task is not important. Checking off the tiniest item off of the to-do list lifts the spirits and eases anxiety.

Take Life In

How can I enjoy the sunrise unless I pause long enough to notice its beauty? It only takes a few minutes of doing nothing else to savor the new day. A sunrise that will never look the same again. By beginning my day with an appreciation for another day of life I’m instantly filled with gratitude and hope.

Meditate or Pray

Finding stillness and peace amidst the chaos of life is time well spent. Tuning into the soothing sounds around me, and sensations in my body ground me in the moment. I can ask for guidance or settle into the present moment to listen to my intuition. Meditation, and prayer are the salve to my spirit and always accessible.

Gentle Stretching

Between injuries and age, life has taken a toll on my body.  Maintenance is key to my physical well-being. Gentle yoga and stretching not only help with the aches and pains but it keep me physically fit so that I can enjoy the years to come. I don't need to go to an expensive Yoga studio to enjoy the same benefits I receive from a self-taught class at home.

At-Home Coffee Shop

Saving my cup of coffee in my favorite coffee shop, my living room, is always a joy. The coffee is exactly the way I like it.  My favorite ambulance music is always playing and a sent candle gives an added layer of relaxation. This midday pick-me-up is a convenient way to relax and recharge.

Friend Time

Because I’ve lived in many different places, I have friends all over the world. Making time to nurture those friendships is a valuable gift. Catching up with them and laughing about old times warms my heart. There is nothing better than community.


Being sleep-deprived makes decision-making difficult, stifles my creativity and I can be short-tempered. Taking a few minutes to recharge can make all the difference in my mood and energy. A quick 15-minute cat nap gives me a midday boost.

Fuel Your Body

I view food as the fuel my body relies on to run smoothly. When I make the small choice of eating healthy, I feel energized vs sluggish. Caring for myself by eating nutritionally dense foods is a small investment that impacts not only today but my health in the long run.


Pampering myself in small ways is an acknowledgment that I'm worth it. I love the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers. Treating myself to a simple bouquet puts value on the little things that bring me joy. Adding essential oils to my shower or snuggling up under a cozy blanket with a good book are small luxuries. It lifts my spirits when I acknowledge that I’m worth a little pampering.

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