I'm Connie!

I'm a proud Mom of three extraordinary

kids and wife to a wonderful husband.


(left to right)

Isabella, Me, Forrest, Joel, Madison

What I'm good at:

Jumping into BIG projects, like building a house or living nomadically around the world.

Being a supportive, and loving Mom.

Speaking to audiences about believing in their possibilities.

Yoga, I've practiced for 22 years.

Cheering people on to go after their dreams.

Baking mouth-watering rustic bread every week.

What I'm working on:

NOT  jumping into so many BIG projects at once.

Every day, being a better human than the day before.

More cardio, so I can live a long, healthy life.

Drinking less wine.

Waking up before 6:00 AM.

Having patience and not rushing life.

Learning how to play the Harmonica 

Anything is possible when you believe in your possibilities, find the courage to take action and the grit to stick with it.

My Story

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Asheville, NC 28684

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