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Hi! I'm Connie

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

I've been an active, go-getter person, with a positive attitude my entire life. I have led a life filled with adventures including being a film actress for 30 years, full-time RV living around the USA, and slow traveling around the world with my husband and children. 

Since yoga and meditation became a part of my daily life in 1998, I have studied with spiritual leaders and yoga gurus to deepen my spiritual path. The mindfulness techniques I have gained in 20 years have served me well in my relationships and in finding peace during hardships.


But, I could not have been prepared for how much I would come to rely on them for my health, wellbeing, and mental wellness.

After a near-fatal car accident,  left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury, I turned to mindfulness to get me through.  Waking up in the hospital a different person than I once was quite a shock. I have dug deep into my meditation practice to heal my brain and stay calm, mindfulness to cultivate gratitude to fight depression, breathing methods for pain and relaxation, and yoga to heal my body.

Mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, and gratitude have helped me heal my mind, body, and spirit, but also helped me be at peace with this "new" version of myself.

I'm a proud Mom of three extraordinary

kids and married to the love of my life.


(left to right)

Isabella, Me, Forrest, Joel, Madison

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"I'm dedicated to helping others find

peace, health and happiness."

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