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How to Stop Living a Chaotic Life ~ Simple Living Tips

It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.

Life can feel like it’s racing forward, and I’m hanging on the tail end, just trying to keep up with the avalanche of activities. Somedays, I feel like the day is a blur of emails, kids’ schedules, managing the household, meetings, and deadlines.

I know it’s time to slow down when I’m craving moments of calm.

After years of living mindfully, I know that I have the power to calm my busy mind. Each minute I can reduce overstimulation, excessive activity, and anxiety that keeps my brain working overtime.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Although there will always be things to do and manage, I have found a few ways. I stop the chaos and slow down, bringing peace and calm into my daily life.

1. Breathe

When I’m feeling frazzled and anxious, I breathe. Sometimes it’s easier if I close my eyes. I bring my awareness to my breath. Slowly breathing in and out and counting each breath to 10. Within a few minutes, I’m calmer.

2. Intentional Positivity

Negative thoughts snowball, setting my mind on a negative loop and amplifying negative feelings. Instead of repeating ideas of how busy & stressed I am, lack of time, or how exhausted I may feel, I project positivity—setting intentions of how I want to feel. I might have a busy calendar, but negative thoughts about my day usually make me tense—intentionally thinking positive thoughts using affirmations.

~Today I’m calm, relaxed, and happy.

~I am moving through my day with a carefree spirit.

~I love my life.

~I am capable and confident.

3. Limit Technology

I am setting healthy boundaries around technology, people, and activities that bring chaos into my life. To identify the areas I need to change, I notice when I feel drained, upset, and anxious. If the news is making me feel fearful & uncertain, I choose to turn it off. When certain events make me nervous & overwhelmed, I will limit my time there.

4. Let Go

Letting go of the things that no longer serve me has taken a tremendous weight off my shoulders. Everything from holding onto old beliefs to outdated schedules, if it’s not working, I let it go. When I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or burned out, I ask, “how’s this working out for me so far? Is this worth holding on to? How would I feel if I let it go?”

5. What Matters Most

I’ve wasted a lot of time on things that didn’t matter. Time and energy are limited. So I don’t waste either. I focus my efforts on the things that matter most.

When I don’t know what I value, I overbook my schedule and second-guess my choices.

Bringing awareness to my values and priorities brings clarity and confidence to my decisions.

6. Peaceful Home

My home is my sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world. I create a calm, peaceful environment with soft music vs. TV playing in the background. A cozy feel using fresh flowers or a candle.

To lessen stress, I keep my home tidy and clutter-free.

Whatever my day brings, having a soothing home can make a difference.

7. Prioritize Rest

I don’t leave rest and connection up to chance. I schedule time-outs so that I can replenish. If I never rest, I’m sure to burn out. My relationships are the most important thing to me. Quality time doesn’t happen when rushing around from one activity to another. I schedule one-on-one time with those I care about to connect.

I can’t control the outside world or other people. But I can take small steps to improve my peace of mind.

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