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Mind, Body & Soul Weekly Reset ~ How I Get My Life Together

“Sometimes you just have to slow down to get back to where we want to be.” -Henry Allen We all know that life can get very busy and crazy sometimes. A reset routine can help get our lives back on track.

When my life feels like it’s moving faster than I can keep up, it’s nice to have a weekly reset routine for my mind, body, and spirit to help me recenter. Taking a pause is just what I need to regroup, and see the world with a fresh perspective. When I’m grounded and calm I’m am able to handle whatever comes my way with grace.

*Sleep in Sundays are an ideal day to time to reset. I allow myself to wake naturally, without an alarm. Giving my body a chance to sleep as much as needed and wake slowly. This is a luxury that helps be feel completely rested and rejuvenated.

*Long meditation Treating myself to slow Sunday morning is a true gift. I use the quiet hours of my morning to nourish my spirit. Allowing myself to meditate for as long as I feel inspired to do so. I really settle into my meditation allowing my mind to quiet and heart to open. This Connection to my authentic self grounds me for the week ahead.

*Browse through books While I enjoy my hot cup of coffee, I use this leisure time to browse through books I picked up at the library that I don’t have time to enjoy during the busy weekdays. Living a minimalist lifestyle, I buy a lot less books and turn to my library for books on topics I’m interested in. I love looking cooking books with beautiful photos. It gives me inspiration for fun, new healthy recipes.

*Yoga class I gift myself a long yoga practice, either outside or if it’s cold I will go to my local yoga studio. It’s a special treat to practice with other yogis. There is a united energy that comes with practicing yoga with others. Moving with my breath, focuses my mind to the present moment. Bringing my mind, body and breath together to helps ground me in the now.

*Reflection Sunday is the natural break between the last week and the upcoming week. I reflect on how the previous week went. Looking at the various areas of my life: health, relationships, personal growth, spirituality, and work. Evaluating which areas went well and the areas I could improve. Being aware and mindful of all areas of my life helps me to live a well rounded life. I use this as a guide to plan my up coming week.

*Plan week I prioritize both work and personal tasks on my calendar. I look at upcoming meeting or projects I have in the week. This helps to prevent anxiety on Monday’s. I also use this time to jot down any brainstorming ideas, quotes, books to read, or future goals I have.

*Clean & Organize Our environment plays a huge roll in how we feel. I can’t relax and think clearly in a cluttered, dirty home. I use this time to do the deep cleaning, organizing and decluttering that doesn’t get done on the week days. When my home feels put together, it feels welcoming and peaceful. Setting the foundation for the week

*Meal prep Weekdays are busy and sometimes stressful. Prepping ingredients makes our weekday meals easier & faster. We are also less tempted to eat out when we have simple, healthy dinner options ready at home. This simple prepping helps us save money and eat healthy.

Just like every living thing, I need time and care to grow. Doing a weekly reset nourishes my body and soul. It also puts my mind at ease knowing that I have organized and planned my week to run a smoothly as possible.

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