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Вишита пастельна тканина чорниця

Mindful Morning Routine ~ Slow Mindful Living

Mindfulness, to me, is about being aware of my surrounding, my thoughts, and my actions. Over the years, I have adopted some morning rituals that have enriched my life. I thought I would share these with you in hopes that they will bring you a little joy and happiness.

My slow mornings have become an essential part of my day. I cherish the quiet morning hours.

I begin my day by drinking a large glass of lukewarm wake me up, water to help with digestion, circulation to organs.

I light a candle to create a peaceful environment.


I have been meditating daily for several years, and it is the one thing that has impacted my life the most. Meditation helps me be a better person. I'm more empathetic, more patient, kinder with myself and others. Meditation is a gift I give myself to quiet my mind and connect with my higher self.

I have a designated place where I meditate that is quiet and free from distraction. I have a small meditation alter with a meditation pillow where I keep my tiny Budha statue, smudging kit with white sage, Tibetan Singing Bowl and my mala beads.

I begin by bringing my hands to prayer and set an intention for my meditation—openness to receiving what I need for joy and peace.


I bring my awareness to my breath. I practice simple breathwork exercises to become more present at the moment. Settling in for my meditation practice. I use mala beads to count my breath, staying connecting in my meditation. I breathe with my mala beads, one breath per bead.


I've been practicing yoga for 25 years. I love how it makes me feel strong, limber, and I receive tremendous benefits from it. Because of yoga, I am aging pain-free and feeling young. I roll out my Manduka Yoga mat usually practice for 45 min or longer in the morning. In yoga, I honor my body and where I'm at that morning. I listen to my body and adjust my practice to what it needs.

After yoga, I get ready for my day.

Neti Pot

I do a neti pot rinse which is an Aruyveda technique that rinses your sinuses with saltwater. I used to get sinus infections often. Since I began the neti pot rinse seven years ago, I haven't had any sinus infections. If you have seasonal allergies or chronic sinus issues, I strongly recommend using the neti pot.

Dry Brush

Next, I use a Dry Brush for my body. Dry brushing is an Aruyveda technique to help release toxins, helps with circulation, stimulates new cell production.

Ready for Coffee

I put MCT oil and lions mane in my coffee. MCT oil is a refined coconut oil filled with fatty acids that support brain and nerve function. Lion's Mane is a mushroom powder that promotes healthy brain function and immune system.


While I sip on my coffee, I take a moment to do writing in my leather journal. I always begin with gratitude and joy. I reflect on the kind of person I want to be, the attributes I wish to have.

I use a manifesting technique called scripting. I write a paragraph in presentence of how I feel in the future when my dreams have manifested, or I've achieved a goal.


I read or listen to a book. I like to read books about spirituality or personal growth.

I'm most open to absorbing new information in the morning.


I go for a morning walk in nature. I choose not to listen to music but instead focus on being present in the moment. This is one of the highlights of my day and sets a peaceful tone. I enjoy listening to the birds and being present in nature.

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