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Simple Living ~ The Beauty and the Struggles of a Simple Life

Living an authentic, simple life has its beauty and challenges. There is an art to living an authentic life.

“True happiness and true power lies in understanding and accepting oneself.”

-Thich Nhat Hann

I’ve been mindfully simplifying my life for years. Eliminating items that take my attention away from the things I value most. Simplifying my possessions, lifestyle, personal habits, routines, work, and relationships.

I’ve made mention before, that I have a brain injury which limits much of what I do. Large crowds, noise, visual stimuli, and stress can leave me feeling exhausted and very low for days.

Now, more than ever before, I focus on living simply to reduce stress by creating a simple, calm, relaxing life.

I live a very happy, fulfilled life.

However, living a quiet simple life does have its challenges when it comes to socializing.

Due to my injury and simple lifestyle, I may not be going to parties or going into the city for a night out or even socializing often, but I still find ways to connect with others.

Whether it is taking a community yoga class or having friends over to visit,

I find connection benefits my mental health.

In addition, working online, and sharing my experiences with all of you, is a way I get to connect with our mindful community.

I share my experiences because there may be people who can relate. There is value in having the ability to turn to the bright side of life when things are difficult. It is a gift to know each of us can change our lives for the better and live more authentically.

Living simply, allows me to enjoy the mundane, and see the beauty in the little moments that often get overlooked; like the perfection of a river rock or the reflection of a mountain in the water.

I cherish hearing the bird’s song, and the rustle of the leaves in the breeze when it is perfectly silent around me.

It’s in these tiny moments I feel as If I’m truly content and fully experiencing life.

Living a slow, mindful lifestyle doesn’t go without its challenges.

Quiet, calm, and simplicity, don’t fit in with modern society's fast-paced, consumer lifestyle.

Because of my choice to live a simple, slow lifestyle, many times, I have felt like I was being misunderstood and an odd person out. So much of our society celebrates the over-scheduled, and over-consuming person.

It took me many years to embrace my true self. I am happiest when I’m true to myself and live a life that embodies my values. Perhaps, I am a thought back from a simpler time, but I can honestly say, “I like who I am.” and there is a quiet strength in that knowing.

We all have a unique light within us, which should be celebrated. It is our unique difference that adds color to the world.

When I celebrate myself with all of my strengths and weaknesses, my heart is in a place of gratitude. When my heart is open I can see all of the beauty and good in the world.

Gratitude is the foundation of abundance.

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