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8 Simple Habits to Live Mindfully ~ Simple Intentional Life

Mindful living is a lifelong journey. Honor wherever you are. Using minimalist habits to live intentionally is a simple way to transform your life. I'm sharing eight minimalist practices for a simple, mindful life.

I've been practicing living mindfully for over 20 years. I have found that using simple mindful habits is the easiest way to slow down and simplify my life.

1. Be aware of your choices.

Intentional living is about making conscious choices that align with our values and beliefs. Notice if the daily choices you are making support your values. We are happiest when we live in alignment with our core values and what's most important to us.

2. Start your day right

How you choose to begin your morning sets the mood for the rest of your day.

"Conquer your morning, and you conquer your day." -Time Farris.

Have a morning routine that empowers you to have a fantastic day—carving out time every day to nurture your wellbeing.

My morning routine is precious to me. It has impacted my physical and mental health, making me calmer, happier, and healthier. My morning routine consists of the following.

Warm water





Body brushing

Neti Pot

Read something inspiring


3. Appreciate the good

Take time to "stop and smell the roses." There are lovely things all around, every day. But to notice them, we need to pause and enjoy them.

Joy comes from appreciating the little things like sunrises, children's laughter, a song, nature. I find that I'm happier when I am in appreciation and gratitude for the little things that bring me joy.

4. Mindful consumptions

Minimalism and intentional living go hand in hand. Be selective about the items you buy. Taking the time to ask yourself if you need the item and whether it serves you before purchasing it will help you live minimally and save money. Practicing intentional habits when it comes to purchases has shaped what I buy, when I buy, and how I buy items.

5. Declutter

A minimalist favorite pass time. Living intentionally also includes the items we choose to have in our environment. I feel lighter and more focused when I only have the things that bring me value or improve my life.

I challenge you to declutter one room that you spend the most time in; this week, notice how you feel after decluttering. If you are feeling ambitious, here is a video on how to declutter your home in 7 days.

6. Dedicate Time Zones

Living a mindful lifestyle includes time management. With computers in the palm of our hands, it's easy to answer a work email or flip through social media. When we constantly reach for our phones, this divides our attention which can cause us not to be fully present in the moment. Set aside time for WORK and time for PERSONAL. Make time for your loved ones and time for yourself.

7. Intentional Eating

Who hasn't sat down to watch their favorite movie with a bag of chips only to look down and realize you devoured the entire BAG.


With each passing year, I become aware of what I'm feeding my body. With all of the chemicals, food coloring, and GMOs, it's more important now than ever to mindfully choose your food. Try to stick to whole foods filled with nutritional value. That fuels your body.

8. Make time for FUN!

We all get caught up in busy day-to-day life, and sometimes we forget to make time for FUN. Living a minimalist life cuts out the stuff you no longer need and allows for time for something you do need, both mentally and physically. GIFT yourself time this week to do the things you enjoy.

Living a mindful minimalist lifestyle frees up time and money for the most important things to us. Mindfulness helps us key into the things that nourish our mind, body, and spirit.

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