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5 Steps To Live Mindfully, Slowly & Simply | Mindful Living

The world moves faster and faster. With technology pushing for quicker, more productive, and efficient results, we begin to get caught up in the fast-paced rush of life. We look for immediate results.

But is this fast-paced, productive, immediate gratification life good for us?

In this evolving, fast-paced world, many people gravitate to a slower, more mindful life, craving a sense of balance and peace.

Mindful living does not need to happen overnight. You can introduce slow living in small steps. Here are a few tips to help you begin living mindfully.

Mindful living is a broad term that means living in alignment with your values and beliefs. Being mindful of your thoughts and actions and how those impact your life. Becoming aware of our thoughts can have a massive impact on our choices, how we feel, and the health of our relationships.

1. Make a list of the values you hold highly.

By slowing down and living mindfully, we can reconnect with the things that matter most to us. Mindful living and slowing down also gives us time to nourish those values. Allowing space to dedicate to the people and things we cherish most.

2 Unplug from technology and allow yourself to BE in silence. Technology has become integrated into our lives that we forget to spend quiet time with ourselves and BE present. It can feel incredibly freeing and light to have calm and tune into the moment without distraction. Allow your mind to adjust to a more natural state without the chatter and distractions of technology.

3. Pause and take time to stop and smell the roses. Slow down and observe everyday things: a beautiful sunset, birds songs, the taste and texture of your food, the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Be aware of your senses and enjoy the little things in your day. It is in the noticing of simple joys that brings our world to life. Take time to be present at the moment.

4. Be creative. In a world where we can buy anything, slow down by making and creating something of our own. Maybe you experiment with baking or a new recipe. Plant some flowers or learn how to play an instrument. Pick up a hobby.

Anything to work with your hands and let your imagination come out is enjoyable, playful, and creative. When we allow ourselves to dive into creativity, our hearts open, we become relaxed, and life slows down.

5. There is a time and place for work and busyness. But when we go, go, go and never take time to rest and replenish, we can get burn out.

Our mental and physical health relies on downtime to recuperate and replenish our energy. Carve out time to do nothing, have fun, and rest. Make rest and fun a priority in your life.

Some of the most profound things in life take time.

Savor the moment's life offers and take time today to be present.

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