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Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

"Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you can imagine it."

- George Lucas

Can your dreams become a reality? Absolutely! Every invention, exploration, story, and a new beginning was because someone had a dream that became a reality. Everything that has ever been accomplished starts as a dream. A dream to create something beautiful. A desire to obtain the impossible. A dream to explore the unknown. Some of the greatest men and women have shaped our world because they had a desire to make our world better. Thomas Edison had a dreamed of lighting the world at night and did with the light bulb. Florence Nightingale dreamed of caring for all who were injured and sick, creating modern nursing. The Right brothers had visions of flying with the birds. Steve Jobs believed that every home could have access to a computer, which has shaped the 21st century as we know it.

Dream big! Don't put a ceiling on your dreams. If you want to be the next inventor, go after it, why not? If you want to be a famous ballerina, actor, or singer, do it, why not? Someone will be a famous ballerina, actor, and singer it might as well be you. Do you dream of traveling the world? Then start making strides toward your dream. There are plenty of people who travel the world, why can't you be one of them. No dream is too big!

Is your dream a wish or an evolving reality? Without taking action, your desire will be a wish, not a fact. Wishes are dreams that were never visualized, nurtured, planned out, or taken action. Dreaming is the seed; the first step toward creating your life imagined.

Visualize yourself achieving your deepest desire. In your mind's eye, see yourself climbing the mountain, standing at the top and seeing the world below you. Visualize the joy you will feel when you publish your first book. Hear the applause of the audience when you perform your first concert. Play-out how each step toward your dream will be and feel.

Get a plan. You can't take steps toward obtaining your dreams if you don't have a map on how to get there. Write down the things that will need to happen in order for you to achieve your end goal. What things do you need to learn? What books do you need to read? What activity do you need to do consistently? What actions do you need to take?

Action! There has never been a person who achieved their dreams by sitting around and wishing it would happen. Inventors created, worked, planned and kept trying until the invention worked. Artist practice every day on their craft, perfecting it. World Travelers don't just appear in another country, they plan and prepare. Company owners aren't simply handed the keys to their building filled with employees. They work every day toward building the company from a dream to a reality.

You CAN manifest your dreams into your reality!

Plant the seed of Dreaming.

Visualize achieving your dream.

Get a plan of action.



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