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How To Simplify Your Life & Live Minimally | Mindful Minimalist

One thing that I embrace in my life is keeping things simple.

Today I'm going to be sharing ways that I live simply, mindfully, and incorporate minimalism.

I feel better when I live simply. It makes a difference in how I live and brings me peace of mind.

I hope you enjoy these tips, and they bring you peace of mind too.

1.Turn off unnecessary notifications on the phone, computer, and tablets.

Only keep the notifications you need, like phone calls and texts. Turn off those app notifications that are not urgent.

Notifications become disturbing and pull us away from being present in the current moment. Message alerts are very disruptive to our present moment. Turning off notifications help us to simplify the information, distractions, and stimulus you have in your life.

2. Do One thing at a time.

I give my attention to one thing at a time. Staying present in the now helps me to live more mindfully and slow down. I've noticed that I'm more present with my family by doing one thing at a time, and I'm more productive. If I'm visiting with family or friends, I give my complete attention to them. I block out time to focus my energy on work. I schedule breaks to have fun and relax.

3. List the Top 3 Goals that are most important for the day.

I used to write big TO DO lists, and I could only get to a few things. Looking at the large TO DO list made me feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and discouraged when I couldn't achieve the entire inventory.

I have learned that I am far more productive when I focus on a few things rather than many. At the beginning of my day, I create my list of the top 3 most important things that will significantly impact my day. By doing this, it ensures that I'm accomplishing the essential goals and I'm less overwhelmed

4. Reuse and Repurpose

I try to reuse as many things as possible; this eliminates waste and helps me live minimally. My favorite item to repurpose is mason jars. I use mason jars for drinking glasses, storage, and organization. If you were to come to my house, you see mason jars being used everyplace.

Six years ago, I fell in love with upcycling old furniture. I find old furniture at the thrift store or yard sales, give it a coat of chalk-paint and add new hardware to make it look new. It's become a creative hobby that allows me to repurpose old furniture and consume less.

5. Declutter and Organize

Even though I'm a minimalist, it's incredible how much stuff finds its way into the house. I declutter pretty often, about every two months, and remove anything that I no longer use or need.

It feels so lovely to simplify the number of things I have.

When the house is organized, I feel calmer. I like having everything organized and in its place. It feels less chaotic and simpler.

6. Simplify your space

How you choose to decorate is a personal preference. I prefer to decorate minimally. The less clutter and decore in the house, the more organized and calm I feel. I try to keep my home decor as simple as possible—one flower vase on a table or one candle a the coffee table. I avoid buying knick-knacks and season decor items.

7. Multi-use products

I use multi-use products. Multi-functional products save on space, money, chemicals, and waste. I try to hand-make as many products as possible using a few organic ingredients like Dr.Bonners for body wash and shampoo. I use vinegar to make multi-purpose cleaning spray, dusting, and window cleaner. I make lotion from coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter (it's the best lotion ever).

8. Morning Routine

When we have a morning routine, it simplifies the decisions we need to make and creates a smooth morning, setting the tone for the rest of our day.

My morning routine has brought me so much joy and well-being. By making time in the morning to do the things that benefit me emotionally, mentally, and physically, I am a more relaxed and happier person.

9. Enjoy the day

Take time to do the things you enjoy doing. Have fun.

All work and no play are overwhelming. We all need time to recharge and replenish to avoid burnout. Try taking a weekend to do nothing, plan nothing and see where the day takes you. Schedule 30-minute blocks throughout the day to unplug from technology, go for a walk, drink tea, or meditate. Perhaps you can pick up a hobby, just for FUN.

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