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15 TINY Ways To Simplify Your Life ~ Minimalist Tips to Simple Living

Life is straightforward. But we insist on making it complicated. As I practice living mindfully, I make the conscious choice to simplify life wherever I can. I’m sharing many tiny ways to simplify your life.

In my experience, there is not one big thing that I do that simplifies my life ultimately. But instead, it is through many small ways of simplifying that impacts my life overall. Simplifying my life frees up time to spend with the people I love, freedom to enjoy life on my terms, reduces stress, and brings a sense of calm. It has made my life so much easier.

1. Morning Routine

When I developed a mindful morning routine, My mornings became peaceful and productive. Tim Farris says, “conquer your morning conquer your day. I make my mindful practices my priority, which sets the mood for the rest of the day. My morning routine has changed my life—I developed consistent meditation & yoga practice. My morning routine ensures I put mental and physical health as my priority.

2. The 80-20 rule

This concept is that 20% of your effect is equal to 80% of results. I use this principle, especially at work, to increase my productivity without being overwhelmed. I used to be frantic busy, yet, I didn’t accomplish what I needed to. I would spend far too much time on meaningless tasks or busywork. Now I organize my week based on my values and priorities, Noticing if the tasks I need to do are in the 20%. I stay focused on the actions that will make the most significant impact on my life.

3. Simple Outfit Formula

An outfit formula combines clothes that can be mixed and matched that align with your typical daily activities. I only have clothes that I love to wear. Creating a simple outfit formula saves me time and decisions every morning. My outfit formula consists of tee shirts, linen pants or skirts, and cardigans. This combination fits my casual lifestyle while looking put together.

4. Reduce Accessories

I reduced my jewelry and only kept my favorite couple pair of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. By lowering my jewelry and accessories, I simplify the choices I have to make in the morning.

5. Take mini-breaks

It can be easy to lose ourselves in the task after task. I found that I’m more productive when I set a timer for 50 min that reminds me to take a break for 10 minutes. I feel less overwhelmed, and I am more focused during my 50 min work. During my 10 min break, I make tea, go outside for a few minutes, water my flower beds, or stretch.

6. Time Blocks

Because I work from home, as many of us do, I found my work and pleasure time mixed in. I would look at emails throughout the morning, day and night. This made it impossible to stop working. My mind would constantly be distracted with work. As a result, I would not be present with my family. Setting time blocks for Work, Family, and Personal time helped me be more present at the moment.

This one thing has brought me so much joy. I allowed myself to enjoy my family and personal time, knowing that work would get done during my work block. Time blocking makes me feel like I have more hours in the day. I enjoy personal time, knowing that family time is allocated. And I cherish family time because I know work will get done.

7. One Thing at a Time

Time blocking brings me to the importance of doing one thing at a time. My life is greatly simplified by doing one thing at a time.

I used to think that multitasking was the way to get a lot done. I have learned that by multitasking, I do many things not very well. As I try to be present as much as possible, I discovered that focusing my attention on one thing at a time is extremely valuable. If I’m visiting with my family, I bring my attention to them. When working, I illuminate all other distractions, which makes me far more productive. When practicing yoga, I get my awareness to my body and breathe. By staying focused on one thing, I am less scattered, less overwhelmed, and more productive. Being fully present has deepened my relationships.

8. Weekly Meal Plan

I plan out our family meal plan & grocery shop once a week. There are so many benefits to doing a weekly meal plan. I save time shopping. I save money by not being tempted to eat out. I create healthy meals that keep me feeling good. It simplifies my evenings because I already know what I’m making and have all the ingredients for it.

9. Simplify Finances

Over the years, I have learned how to simplify my finances. My husband and I do a monthly budget, which helps us know precisely where we are making use of our money. Budgeting makes money goals easier to achieve, such as paying off debt, saving for a trip, and investing. We closed all unnecessary bank and credit accounts and only maintained the bank accounts that we currently use.

10. AutoPay Bills

Going paperless and setting up bills on auto-pay is a fantastic way to simplify your finances. Going paperless eliminates the amount of mail I get, which reduces my time on opening and sorting mail. By setting up my bills on auto-pay, I don’t have to think about paying any bills. It just happens, like magic.

11. Downsize Your bag

Limit what you bring in your purse or bag. Like a bigger house, the more space you have, the more likely you are to fill it with stuff. I used to carry a huge “mom” purse filled with everything from make-up, snacks, bandaid, and medicine. Over the years, I gradually bought smaller and smaller bags. Today, I carry a small round purse that only holds my wallet, lip gloss, and cell phone.

12. Schedule & Batching Cleaning

I used to deep clean my entire house and do laundry all on Saturdays. This made me feel like my weekend was being taken up with chores, which made me resentful. Scheduling cleaning times has freed up my Saturdays and works great for me. I lump two cleaning chores together and only do them on a particular day. Example: clean bathrooms and laundry on Sunday. Dust and Windows on Wednesday. Vacuum and mop on Saturday. I don’t feel like a maid by scheduling and batching cleaning; it frees up time, and my house is always clean.

13. Go For a Walk

There is nothing simpler than going for a walk to help clear the mind. When I spend too much time indoors, I tend to get stuck in my head. I begin to overanalyze and become overwhelmed. I take about three walks a day. A long walk in the morning before work. A short walk at lunch and another after dinner. I have found that this helps clear my mind and reduce my stress levels.

14. Unsubscribe from Email lists

Cleaning up emails saves me time and energy by unsubscribing from unwanted email lists. Whenever an unwanted email or marketing comes up, unsubscribe. Within a few weeks, you will have cleaned up and eliminated unwanted emails.

15. Weekly Cleaning of Fridge

Before I do my weekly grocery trip, I clean out my fridge. I through out any old leftovers or expired items and wipe them out. This way, when I put my groceries away for the week, I have a clean fridge that is both visually appealing and clutter-free, which makes weekly meal prep simple.

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