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Ways to Save Money ~ Minimalist Money Saving Tips

Living frugally doesn’t mean depriving myself of the things I enjoy; instead, finding creative ways to live comfortably for less.

I see frugality as a challenge. Looking into each area of expenses and finding a creative solution to get the same result at a lower cost.

Each of us will have money-saving habits that fit our lifestyle and goals. These are frugal tricks that work for me and may not work for everyone.

Our spending should be customized to meet our needs.

1. emotions Creating an emotional attachment to why I’m saving money gives me the motivation to use my money intentionally.

I think of all the ways I will benefit from frugal living.

~By spending less, I have more financial security.

~Which gives me peace of mind.

~I am less worried about money in an uncertain economy.

~The less I spend, the more money I can put toward goals like travel and retiring comfortably.

2. cash Using cash is a simple trick to bring awareness to how much I’m spending and on what. With online shopping always at my fingertips, it is easy to mindlessly put items into my cart, adding up to a hefty bill.

I like the tangible feeling of cash in hand. When I hand my money to the cashier, I know my wallet is thinner.

3. intentional purchases I’m mindful about purchases. I plan out what I'm buying. I don't treat shopping like a hobby. Buying the things that I need I love, and that will improve the quality of my life. Being intentional and aware of my purchases eliminates impulse shopping.

4. DIY My at-home beauty salon works well for me. I’ve always done my manny and Pedi. I have chosen to embrace my natural silver color and cut my hair.

An excellent alternative to DIY is going to a local beauty school for nails, cuts, and colors for a fraction of the cost.

5. simple wardrobe One thing that has changed how I shop for clothes is keeping it simple with a capsule wardrobe. I choose natural fabric in solid colors that will go well with anything in my closet. I color-coordinated my clothes so that I could mix and match several outfits. And add simple accessories and layering pieces to add variety. This gives me plenty of clothing options without needing to buy more clothes.

6. don't outsource I make my home my business. It might be a bit old-fashioned, but I’m a homemaker. I do not outsource household duties. During all phases of my life, whether raising small children, working outside the home, or running my own company, I run the ins and outs of our house. I clean it, do the laundry, the groceries, the cooking, and the yard work, along with help from my husband, of course.

7. be crafty I’m pretty crafty and love to immerse myself in a project. Instead of buying new furniture, I prefer to upcycle or refurbish old pieces. Refurbishing furniture may not be everyone’s favorite Saturday activity. But for me, It’s an absolute joy. I love making something beautiful and seeing the transformation from old to new.

8. get creative

My husband and I have always been good about finding creative date nights and spending little to no money. Dates are about spending quality time with one another. It doesn’t matter where. Some of our favorite dates are picnics, enjoying a free summer concert, or taking in an old classic black and white movie at the historic theatre for $7.

9. cheap vs expensive

Substitute expensive subscriptions and memberships for cheaper options. The average cost of cable is $220 per month. A streaming service like Netflix starts at $10. Switch out the fancy gym membership for a local recreation center or workout at home.

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