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Minimalist Life - Things I DON'T Buy

Updated: Jun 17

"Owning less is better than organizing more."

-Joshua Becker

As I sat down to write this 100's of things came to mind of the things I used to buy and don't anymore. Yep, hundreds! The funny thing is, I have never put much thought into this subject before. As an accidental minimalist, my progression to minimalism has been over 12 years. With each stage and the passing years, I slowly eliminated more and more stuff out of my life. My minimalist lifestyle has led me down a path of living intentionally. I now put deliberate thought into where I spend my money, time, and energy.

As you dive into this list with me, keep in mind that this list has evolved over 12 years. I didn't just wake up one morning and eliminate all of these things at once. I'm also a life-long yogi practitioner, which influences many of purchase choices. I intentionally choose what goes into and on my body. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos that stands in the grocery aisle reading the label of EVERYTHING before I make the conscious choice to buy it. Before you say to yourself that you don't have time for that shit, you only need to read the label once when you first try a new item. Also, you learn pretty quickly the brands that are whole and the brands that are filled with crap.

Back on track (sorry for my digression), because I am cautious about not using chemicals, I have learned to make many of my products. This could be an entire topic on its own. I quick review of homemade products, yes they work! In many cases, my handmade products work better than the chemical-filled store-bought items. I will mark the items on the list that are handmade.

I'm aware of the once use plastic products that pollute our planet and avoid these products. I have exchanged disposable items for reusable ones.

Living the minimalist lifestyle doesn't mean going without your needs being met. Many things that I don't buy anymore are simply replaced with a similar item. For example, I no longer pay for a gym membership or yoga classes. I have substituted those with a hike or home workout and my daily morning personal yoga practice (sometimes to a YouTube video or my own flow).

As a minimalist, my rule of thought is "New one in, Old one out." If I buy a new shirt then one shirt has to go. After all, how many shirts do you need? You can only wear one at a time. "Is this item needed to improve my life." Many things that are bought are quick, impulse buys. I go to the store for a purpose, because I need to buy a particular item. I NEVER shop to see what there is or to pass the time.

DISCLAIMER! Some of you may read this and think, "she's crazy if she thinks I'm giving up my Mani, Pedi!" I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am sharing the things that I don't spend money on anymore. That is all. Maybe you will be curious about spending less and want to give minimalism a try. Perhaps this blog will inspire you to look at a label before you purchase it. However, you take this post; please know that I think everyone is entitled to make their own decisions about how they spend their time and money. However, there is always a balance to life.

Let's get started!

Household Items

plastic utensils (unless having a holiday party)

paper plates (unless having a holiday party)

paper napkins - now cloth

paper towels - now rags

disposable cups (unless having a holiday party)

Kcups for Keurig - now french press

plastic water bottles - now stainless steel

coffee filters - now french press

bread - now make from scratch

any processed food in bag or box - now cook from scratch

cleaning spray - handmade

window cleaner - handmade

floor cleaner - handmade

dusting - handmade

shampoo - handmade

conditioner - handmade

deodorant - YES, I make my own, and it's fantastic! :)lotion - handmade

make-up wipes - handmade

air freshener - handmade

shaving cream


haircut - I cut my own and daughter

snails - we do our own Mani, Pedi

hair color - I used to color my own, now my hair is natural

carwash - hand wash

gym - hike, run or home workout

yoga class - daily personal practice

Eyelashes - I have those already ;)

spray tan - sunshine

Coffee Shops - make it at home

housekeeper - clean my own house

gardener - maintain own yard

cable - Netflix

food delivery - shop for myself

phone landline - cell

fast food - we don't eat it

multiple subscriptions - only Amazon


books - the library or online

magazine - online

home nicknacks

home decor - unless needed like new sheets or towels

more shoes - unless required, then one in one out rule

more clothes - unless required, then one in one out rule

greeting cards - homemade

unnecessary electronics - one laptop, one cell, one iPad, one family TV

useless gadgets- one headset

Women accessories - how many purses, hats, and jewelry do you actually need?

Souvenirs - an experience not stuff

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