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Minimalism for Beginners ~ Tips to Start Living Simply & Minimally

Updated: Jun 14

Living minimally and simplifying life has a calming effect in many areas of our life. I'm sharing minimalism tips for beginners to help you along your minimalist journey.

I've lived a mindful and minimalist lifestyle for over 13 years. I'm sharing the minimalist tips that helped me get started and things I've learned along the way.

You may be thinking about adopting a few minimalist tips to help you simplify your life. This is your unique minimalist path. No two minimalists live the same way. Shape your experience to align with your lifestyle and intentions.

1. Why do you want to live more simply and minimally?

When I have a clear intention, it is easier for me to adopt a new habit. Thinking about the WHY behind the action can be a huge motivator when you know why you are simplifying also helps when making decluttering decisions. Maybe you want to save money, spend less time cleaning, reduce your carbon footprint or have a stress-free environment.

We became minimalist in 2008 during the recession. WHY I was decluttering my life was that we needed to downsize our home.

My reason for living a minimalist life has changed over 13 years. Now, I'm live mindfully and minimally because it brings my home a sense of peace and calm. My husband and I are very intentional about how and where we spend our money and focus on investing.

Your reasons WHY you want to simplify are unique to you.

For me, minimalism isn't about depriving myself of having a rigid set of rules.

I like the mindfulness that comes with living.

I have simplified my home and only keep the items I love, need, and add value to my life.

2. Be mindful of everything you own.

Shifting through your belonging and keeping the things that you love, need, and that add value to your life, and letting go of the rest.

Be kind and patient with yourself as you begin this new journey. You are the only person who can decide the things to keep and let go. Each of us will choose differently based on lifestyles, where we live, our hobbies, our work, our families, and many other variables.

There is not a one-size-fits-all with minimalism!

When my space is cluttered, I feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Decluttering my belongings helps keep my home tidy and clutter-free. Giving me more peace of mind.

3. Start small!

Minimalism is a lifestyle shift. By taking your time, you are less likely to become overwhelmed.

Begin sifting through your things in the room or area you feel would make the most significant impact on your life. Maybe the entry way or living room. Be mindful to keep the items you love, use and add value. If taking on the entire room feels overwhelming, start small.

Instead of taking on the entire kitchen, perhaps you can begin with just the countertops and table space in the kitchen. Utilizing the cupboards and draws to clear off the surfaces.

If decluttering your closet seems daunting, begin with decluttering your purse or wallet. Decluttering even the smallest area is a huge win.

4. Live organically with your possessions.

Whenever you tidy up your home, begin by sprucing up the areas you have already decluttered. Notice if there are things that keep finding their way into the decluttered space? If so, find a home for those items in that space that work organically with you. Don't try to go against the grain of what is happening naturally. This is only going to be frustrating.

When we stay on top of our progress, we feel a sense of accomplishment.

5. Mindful consumerism

Become a mindful shopper. Be mindful when purchasing new items. Before bringing a new thing into my house, I ask a few reflection questions.

Is this something I need or want?

Do I already have this item?

What is the purpose of the item?

Is this a planned purchase?

By buying this item, is it aligned with my reason WHY I'm simplifying?

After asking myself a few questions 9 out of 10 times I put the item back. Learning to be mindful consumer has made the biggest impact on reducing clutter in my home and adding money in my wallet.

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