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How to Build a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe ~ Simple, Easy, Minimalist Fashion

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Living a mindful minimalist lifestyle also plays a part in our wardrobe. I’ve had many of you ask about my wardrobe and about my minimalist fashion.

I’m going to share the easy steps of how you can build a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Building a capsule wardrobe or wardrobe formula is valuable when practicing mindful consumerism. Living mindfully, we carefully create a timeless wardrobe that works for our unique lifestyle.

Capsule wardrobes simplify our lives. They are budget-friendly.

1. Take inventory - sort piles.

I am focusing only on my closet, not going through pajamas, underwear, socks, or activewear.

Bring EVERYTHING out of the closet and put it on the bed. Sort all clothes into three different piles.




Essentials you love will become the foundation of your wardrobe formula. These are the things you love to wear. You always reach for them. They align with your most common daily lifestyle. Notice the items that you see most often in the laundry.

The maybe pile is clothes that you like and only wear sometimes. This might include a specialty item like a dress or a fancy blouse. We will come back to this in a minute.

The third pile is the Letting Go pile. This pile is made up of all clothes that you haven’t worn in the last nine months. Things that no longer fit or are not your style anymore.

Going back to the MAYBE Pile. Looking at each item and asking,

“Do I like the fit, color, and fabric?”

“Does this go with my lifestyle?’

“Does this go with at least three items in my capsule?”

“How many outfits can I make with this?”

“Is there an occasion I would need this?”

I love camping. I’m not going to wear my hiking boots and flannel every day, but I use them camping in the summer.

2. Identify favorite pieces

As you look at the close, you have decided to keep. You can see your style becoming clear. Notice if there are similarities in your clothes. Is there a particular color scheme? Maybe you have many solid colors, or do you have patterns primarily?

I’m drawn to solid colors made from natural fabrics, like linen, cotton, and wool. I wear a lot of neutral colors, white, beige, grey, cream, and green.

Many have asked where I buy my clothes. I do not have a paid sponsorship with these companies. It is really where I find my clothes. T’s Banana Republic outlet, Nordstrom rack, JCrew, Nordstrom rack, and Amazon. (I have linked a few of my favorite clothes below)

Some of my favorite clothing items have come from thrift stores. I follow the same rules for myself when shopping 2nd hand stores. I look for quality items made from natural fabrics. Surprisingly, I usually find clothes from the above-mentioned brands.

The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to highlight the clothing items we love and weed out the rest. The objective is to have things in our closet that fit our personalities, lifestyle, and activities. So that we feel comfortable and confident, this will help us develop a personal style, shop from our closet, and save time on getting dressed in the morning.

3. Create Outfit combinations

For outfit inspiration, I went to Pinterest to get some ideas. I added all the outfits I liked to an outfit folder. It wasn’t long before I saw trends of styles I liked.

Building outfits is the funniest, the most creative part where we get to be fashion designers—mix and match as many outfits as you can think of putting together.

Be sure to create outfits for all the seasons you live in. I begin by creating an outfit and then layer sweaters and scarves, and jackets for colder weather. It’s a great way to use many of your clothes throughout the year.

The look of our clothes can have variety by changing how we wear them and adding layers and accessories. A capsule wardrobe does not have to be boring.

4. Filling in the gaps

Now that we have our complete capsule e-wardrobe made with all the clothes we own, it’s time to see what items we need. As you wear and evaluate your outfits for a few weeks, you might notice you need a few things. You can begin making a wish list. Maybe you need dark pants or another sweater. I like to buy timeless clothes so that any piece I purchase will mix and match for years to come. Don’t feel like you need to go on a shopping spree. Adding a few items can be spread out over time.

Wear what makes you feel good. And you can’t go wrong!

Examples of what I wear:

~ Tops

White V-neck T-shirt.

Madewell T-shirt

Crew Neck T-shirt rust

Women's Lightweight Long sweater cardigan.

Women's Chunky knit sweater cardigan

Linen button-up shirt.

Women's white linen tunic

Bamboo Grey T-shirt


Linen Trousers with side pocket.

Women's Linen Cotton drawstring pants

Women's casual baggy linen pants

Max Studio Linen Midi skirt with buttons

Kasy Kole Summer Linen Midi Skirt.

Black wide-leg Capri pant.

Lucky bootcut Jeans

Linen Casual Pant

Dark Blue Wide leg Denim.

Navy Corduroy Pants


Women's woven straw sun hat

One piece black swimsuit.

Women's silk pajama set.

Lightweight Shawl/scarf

Black Boots from Dwarves

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I have definitely paired down over the last few years, however you have inspired me to go further. Thank you for sharing your process. Paula

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