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Certified Mindfulness Coach

Hi there, I’m Connie, a skilled Mindfulness Coach based in North Carolina, USA, but I work with clients worldwide. In 1998 I fell in love with yoga and meditation. I was amazed at how it has transformed my well-being. After many years of practicing with wise teachers and mentors, I started teaching mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.

Mindful living has brought me peace during hardships and soothed my spirit in conflict. Integrating mindfulness into my relationships with my husband, children, and friends, I have deepened my communication and unconditional love with them.

 I have made it my mission to help others heal and cultivate their inner peace and happiness. Your journey begins from within. 


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"Connie worked with me on slowing down and becoming mindful of the present moment. She helped me "let go" of my emotional baggage that was turning into consumer debt. I've been able to slowly integrate minimalism into my life. Living in the present moment has brought me a sense of peace and joy. I find appreciation in the simple joys of LIFE."

- Marlee Mason

"I have had anxiety and heard that meditation could help.  Connie was kind, compassionate, and listened to my needs while she taught me mediation and relaxation methods for anxiety. She made me feel comfortable when I was out of my comfort zone. My Meditation practice has changed my life."

- Elysabeth Ray

“"As the husband and caregiver for a survivor of TBI, I was used to the stress and worry of everyday life. Meeting Connie and finding her meditations has helped me deal with these worries. Her relaxation techniques are helping me sleep better and her poisivive morning meditations have really improved April's outlook.  We start each day on the right path with Connie's help."

- Richard & April Ricklefs


Finding Peace With Mindfulness

  • Learn techniques to bring mindful living into your life.

    45 min
    80 US dollars
  • A step-by-step meditation

    30 min
    60 US dollars
  • Mindful minimalist approach to life

    45 min
    80 US dollars

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