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Meet Connie

Certified Mindfulness Coach

Connie is a mindfulness life coach, minimalist, and traumatic brain injury survivor. With years of experience, she helps clients find purpose, clarity, and joy. Her approach combines mindfulness, minimalism, and coaching expertise. Connie brings new perspectives to her clients' lives, guiding them toward happiness, peace, and fulfillment.


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"Connie worked with me on slowing down and becoming mindful of the present moment. She helped me "let go" of my emotional baggage that was turning into consumer debt. I've been able to slowly integrate minimalism into my life. Living in the present moment has brought me a sense of peace and joy. I find appreciation in the simple joys of LIFE."

- Marlee M.

But recently in watching you on your channel something has resonated with me….. it’s time to embrace “ me”, which is a simpleness, a softness, being more fun-loving and genuine.

I enjoy seeing things like it was the 1st time and embracing myself as I am.

Thank you, Connie!

- Julie M.

“"As the husband and caregiver for a survivor of TBI, I was used to the stress and worry of everyday life. Meeting Connie and finding her meditations has helped me deal with these worries. Her relaxation techniques are helping me sleep better and her poisivive morning meditations have really improved April's outlook.  We start each day on the right path with Connie's help."

- Richard & April 

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