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"Connie has a way of connecting with people and inspiring them to see the best in themselves.  She brings her storytelling to life with humor and heart."

“Connie had an amazing impact on our team members.  Her energy and love of life are contagious.”

— Steve Young

President, Terra Flame Home

What people are saying

If you're looking for someone memorable on the topic of empowerment, vision, and change you just found her!  My message is relatable, inspiring and can be life-changing.
Every audience is very different, and each speech is customized to send your audience on their way with a sense of empowerment, steps of action, and confidence in their abilities to achieve their goals.  
Whether you are looking to impact a group of young adults or motivate a conference, I will not only inspire your audience to make a change in their lives, but I will also teach them how. 

Keynote #1

Why Not You?
Believe in Your Possibilities

We all have times in our lives when we have felt powerless, stuck and as if we don't have a voice in our life.  Sometimes life can feel like a prescripted book and we have no choice but to play our part.

However, when we hear the real stories of a young woman who finds her voice by empowering her children to BELIEVE IN THEIR POSSIBILITIES, we realize that we can also live our dreams.  Anyone who has ever gone after what they wanted starting by believing they could reach it.

Connie inspires her audience to BELIEVE in themselves and empowers them to find the courage to take action toward living the life they have always imagined.

Through her stories of overcoming life challenges, Connie shows how there are no limits to what we can achieve if we BELIEVE, and have the COURAGE to take ACTION.


  • Every dream begins with believing in your ability to reach it.

  • Limiting beliefs weigh you down, preventing you from going after what you want.

  • Identify what you want. You can't hit an invisible target.

  • Change takes courage.  The bigger your WHY the more courage you will discover.

  • Call to action! You are responsible to be a player in your life, not a spectator.

The most tweetable line from this talk:

If you believe in your possibilities, what could your life like in 5 years?

Keynote #2

Best of The Worst:
Don't let opinions smother your dream

We all want to be recognized in our craft as being good at what we do.  We crave the acceptance of our peers and the pat on the back.  What if you were regarded by others as being the WORST?

When Connie was 15-years-old she acted in her 1st film, Troll 2, which became a cult classic for fans of badly made movies.  Troll 2 has remained on the WORST movie list for 30 years!

Through humor and transparency, Connie shares her story of what her experience has been being labeled as the "BEST OF THE WORST".  She opens up about learning how to embrace the GOOD, BAD AND UGLY in life.  She inspires the audience to not let the opinions of others keep you from your dreams.

Connie emphasizes that resiliency is about getting back up when you've been knocked down because you have faith in yourself.  She helps the audience realize that they are worth more than the opinions of others.  Our value is not the sum of followers we have on social media.  We all make mistakes and sometimes make fools of ourselves. None of us is perfect, so stop taking yourself so seriously.  Having a sense of humor about life and ourselves is healthy.


  • We are not perfect, neither is life. Embrace the Good, Bad and Ugly in life.

  • Resiliency is getting back up because you have faith in yourself.

  • Don't let your dreams be smothered by the opinions of others.

  • Don't take yourself so seriously.  Laugh it off.

The most tweetable line from this talk:

Your self worth is not made up of the opinions of others.

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