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Live Your Best Life

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Live Your Best Life

"Living your BEST life is your most important journey in your life."

- Oprah

You have the power within you to live your best life. There is no set way you "have" to live. Your story is not etched in stone. You get to CHOOSE the script to your own life, so why not live your BEST life? You choose the setting it is in, the characters in your story, the adventures you will have, the passionate love story, the success you'll have, the years of joy you will feel. You are in control of your destiny.

The realization that you are the author of your story is hugely frightening. That means that you are solely responsible for your life. You can not pass the buck. It's no one else's fault that you are not happy and unfulfilled. It is not easy to face the choices that have been made to get you where you are. It is even more difficult to see the POWER you possess to sculpt your best life because now it's up to you.

Don't be afraid! I'm here to hold your hand and let you know, "You are strong, smart, creative and capable. I believe in you! You CAN do this!"

Yes, it can feel overwhelming to know that no one can live your life but you. But, it is also exhilarating, thrilling and motivating to see that the world ahead of you is a blank canvas, and all you have to do is start painting. The power you have is like magic. Your power allows you to pick and choose everything in your world.

How do you start? You already have, because you are reading this article and seeking out information to show you different ways of thinking to change your reality. You have already awakened to possibilities that your life holds. Congratulations! You are already on your path to manifesting your best life imagined. Now that you have acknowledged that you have tremendous power to design your life, what's next?

It's time to Visualize Who You Want To Be. Grab a notebook. It's time to ask yourself some tough questions. Most of us float along, living a life we think is the "safe or right" way to live. Then when this false veil is lifted, and we see our vast options we are utterly lost. We have no idea WHO we are or WHAT we want. So, let's start with some basic get-to-know-you questions. Questions that will help reintroduce you to your authentic self. You remember, that little kid that was uninhibited and ran, climbed trees and sang out loud.

Questions to ask yourself:

* What does my ideal FUTURE self look like? How do I dress? What is my health like? What expression is on my face? How do I carry myself?

*What brings me joy? What feeds my spirit? What lights my fire? What brings me peace?

*What adventures do I see my FUTURE self having? What life does my FUTURE self live? What is on my bucket list?

*What truly matters to me? If I were to die in a year, what would I do with it?

Last Question:

**** What is stopping me from living my best life?

Hopefully, you have reacquainted yourself with your authentic child. Now it is time to begin living intentionally. Live with a sense of purpose. It is never the big things that bring on change. Change happens one little choice at a time. Intentionally living means that before you do anything, you ask yourself, "Is this getting me closer or farther from my best life?" With each deliberate choice, you will see the ideal life to start to manifest.

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