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Surround Yourself With Successful People

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Surround Yourself With the Right People

"Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious." -Rachel Wolchin

I have always told my children, "Show me your friends and I'll show you who you are." This statement is true for all ages. Peers have a massive impact on our outlook on life and our success. If you want to be successful in life, surround yourself with successful people. Surround yourself with the right kind of people, the people that inspire and push you to be better, and do better. Surround yourself with the type of people you look up to and admire because you will reach up to their height. Others can lift you up to their heights or tear you down to their level. Which kind of person is going to help you be your best self and achieve your dreams.

Energies are contagious. When you are with a person who is optimistic and ambitious, you become the same. Their positive energy and "can do" attitude bounces to you and in turn, you see the way they are looking at life and want to make the most out of it. When you are hanging around with a person who is a negative Nellie, always looking at the glass 1/2 full or lazy and you, in turn, will adopt their poor outlook and lack of interest in life.

Take notice of the type of person you are surrounding yourself. Are these people the kind of person you want to be? Do they hold the work ethics and values you find essential? Do they embody the principles you aspire to have? Don't forget. You are only as good as those in your social network.

When you are working on bettering yourself, it is critical that you only surround yourself with people who support you. In the first stages of trying something new, we are fragile. Our dreams and goals can easily be knocked down by a derogatory comment. Let's say you are attempting to lose weight and get healthy. You pack a healthy lunch for work and plan on taking a walk around the park during your break. If your co-worker, who you would typically grab fast food with says, "That salad is not going to fill you up. Wouldn't you rather come with me to get a delicious hamburger? Besides, it's cold out today. Walking isn't going to be nice." You are no tempted to scrap your salad and walk for what you are used to, a hamburger with your co-worker. If you have always had a dream of writing a book and decided that this is the month you are going to start it, and a family member says, "Why are you writing a book? You know that no one buys books anymore." Your dream of writing a book is now derailed. Be aware of who you are surrounding yourself with during this time of self-improvement.

Surround yourself with others who BELIEVE in you! Stay away from the nay-sayers. They will stop your progress toward your success in its tracks. People who believe in you will push you toward your goals. They will offer advice and support to help you along the way. Believers will check in on how you are coming along with your goals. They want you to succeed and will be your cheerleader.

What do you do if you notice that those around you are not the caliber of person that will inspire you to be your best? Distance yourself. Start cultivating relationships with the different people who WILL encourage you and hold you accountable to your goals. I know what you're thinking, "But, these people are my childhood friends or family members. I can't just cut them out of my life." If you genuinely feel that your relationship with these poor influencers is more valuable than your successes in life, then at least keep the time spent with them to a minimum. Remember, if they aren't lifting you UP, they are pulling you DOWN. You can not be your best self if you are being held back. Perhaps, if you find the strength within yourself to distance yourself from the people who bring you down, you will rise up and then lift them UP to your new height. But you are no value to yourself or them if you stay at the bottom.

Be picky with the people you surround yourself with. Be your best self and inspire others to do the same.

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