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Stop Waiting For Validation

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Don't wait for validation to live your dreams

"It takes a strong person to do their own thing and not wait for anybody else to validate their existence." -Steven Aitchison

Don't wait for anyone else to validate or support you in your dreams. If you wait, you could be waiting until the day you die. Your life is yours, not your parents, your friends, or your families, so live it the way you want to. Go after your dreams. Who cares if others support your vision or even agree with it. It is not their dream and should not be allowed to determine if you go after it. So why are you allowing others to dictate what life you lead?

Our loved ones have good intentions for us. Their resistant or discouragement usually comes from a place of wanting "the best" for us. The issue lays in what they perceive as being "the best." What they see as being "the best" may not be what we see as being "our best." Their dreams for us should not be more important than our goals for ourselves.

Don't give others the power to live your life the way they feel is fitting. Take back your power! Others may never give you their support in your decisions. How long are you willing to wait for their approval before you take control of your life? What will you do if they never agree with your dreams? Are you ready to give up on your dreams for yourself to please others?

Validation comes from you, taking steps toward your goals. Support grows within you when you believe you can achieve your dreams. You obtain confidence when you find your inner courage to push through your fear of change. You will find your strength to follow your path when you have faith that all good things come to you.

The first time I recall having a dream that my parents did not approve of, I was 10-years-old and wanted to be an actress. I had done local plays, but I wanted to be in movies. Growing up in a rural town in Utah, there wasn't a lot of opportunities to act in a film. My parents just brushed off my dream of acting in movies as if I was a small child who didn't know what she wanted. I spent many years asking for them to take to me to auditions I would see in the newspaper (this was before the internet). Finally, at age 14, I had had enough with waiting on my parents to fulfill my dream. I had seen an audition in the Sunday Newspaper for the role of a teen girl in a movie. I called my neighbor and asked if she would drive me 30 miles into Salt Lake City to audition. It took a little convincing, but she agreed. I landed the part! The movie was a low budget B-rated horror film called "Troll 2". The movie became a cult classic for those who love cheesy, poorly made, B-rated, horror movies from the '80s. (But that's a story for another time. )

Don't give up your life to someone else's dream for you!

Your dream for yourself is more important than their dream for you!

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