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Simple Frugal Living Habits ~ Frugal Minimalist ~ Simple Living

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Frugal minimalism is all about simplifying our finances and life so that we can save time & money. We are simplifying life to reduce stress and put our energy toward things that enhance our lives.

I've lived a frugal minimalist lifestyle for over 13 years. Today I'm sharing ten of my frugal living habits with you. I hope that these money saving tips give you ideas on how to live a frugal minimalist lifestyle.

1. Weekly Meal Plan

Taking 30 minutes on the weekend to plan out our meals and grocery list for those meals saves me a lot of time and stress trying to figure out what to make the mid-week. I grocery shop once a week and only buy the items on my grocery list. Making a grocery list and sticking to it saves money on impulse spending and multi trips to the store. Meal plans also make it much less likely to eat out because we know what we are making and have all the ingredients.

2. Two-in-One Meal

One of our weekly meal items is a large enough meal that will become dinner for two nights. The typical two-in-one meal we make are soups, stews, lasagna, casseroles. This is a wonderful way to save on money and time, especially during the busy workweek.

3. Cut and Color Your Hair.

The hairstylist can run you a lot of money every month, especially if you have many people in your household. I've cut my hair for over 10 years. I haven't colored my hair in 6 years, but I colored my own when I was in my 20's and 30's. I've cut all of the children's hair and they were 16-years-old, and my husband cuts his own too. Although he's bald, so he mostly shaves his head and trims his beard.

4. Handmade Cleaning and Beauty Products

I'm mindful of the products I use on my body and in my house. I don't like toxins on my body or in my home. My handmade beauty products are fantastic!

I make the best LOTION (check out the instructional video below) using coconut oil shea butter and coco butter. ,

DEODORANT using baking soda and coconut oil .

Shampoo & Conditioner

My handmade cleaning products work like a charm (instructional video below)

WINDOW CLEANER using white vinegar and corn starch,

ALL PURPOSE CLEANER using white vinegar and Castile soap,

AIR FRESHENER using witch hazel and lavender essential oil

DUSTING SPRAY using white vinegar, olive oil and orange essential oil.

By making my products, I save money because all these cost pennies to make and eliminates the number of toxins in my home and into the environment.

5. Monthly Budget

At the beginning of the month, my husband and I sit down and do our budget. We started this in 2008 when we were listening to the financial personality Dave Ramsey. Getting in the habit of knowing where all of our money is going has been very empowering. I feel like I'm controlling my money instead of it controlling me.

6. Use Cash

When my husband and I do a monthly budget, I go to the bank and take out cash for each category, like eating out, entertainment, home repair, groceries, etc. I found that when we use the cash, I notice when I only have $10 left. Plus, when the money is gone, it's gone. So we stay on budget.

7. Buy Used or Discounted Items.

When I need to buy something, I search for used or discounted first. We buy used cars in cash. Our electronics are second-hand from the Facebook marketplace. Furniture is from antique sores or thirst stores, and I will refurbish them to give them new life. We bought our couch from a discount outlet store.

8. No Coffee Shops

I make our coffee at home and take it in a to-go mug. Fancy coffee drinks can run up to $7, which doesn't seem like much, but they can quickly add up. Plus, it's easy to add a pastry to that coffee order, which affects my bank account and my waistline.

9. Limit Subscription

Subscription may be only is 10 or 20 dollars, but they add up quickly. I limit all subscriptions and only keep the ones that I'm currently using. Monthly Subscriptions include streaming entertainment, music, gym or fitness apps, or any additional apps.

10. Mindful Consumerism

Be mindful about what you choose to buy. Before purchasing an item ask yourself, "Is this something I need? How will this item add value to my life?" Pausing on purchases and giving yourself time to reflect on the purchase will help prevent impulse buying. Practicing mindful consumerism is a great way to have a minimalist mindset. Only buying things that you need and that add value to your life.

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