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Show Up for Yourself

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Show up for your life

"It's your job to show up for your own life and fight for your own dreams."

- Rachel Hollis

If you want more out of your life and a better world for your self, then you have to show up every day. Choosing to show up in your life is the #1 thing you must do to live your BEST life. Wake up every morning, ready to go after your dreams. Your life is an open book for you to script it any way you choose. So CHOOSE to live it fully! The only way you can do this is to show up 100% of the time, giving your all each step of the way. If you aren't living the life you desire, ask yourself if you are showing up or just going through the motions? Are you engaged in your life or are you running on auto pilot? Are you giving your all each day or are you doing the bare minimum?

Are you showing up for yourself?

Are you showing up for the ones in your life?

Aren't you and your loved ones worth showing up for?

Showing up is an ACTIVE choice you make every minute to be 100% present in your life and do things that bring you closer to your ideal life. The second your feet land on the floor each morning tell yourself, "I am going to show up in every way for myself and my loved ones today." As the day moves on, hold yourself to that commitment you made to yourself. Show up to the fitness class and give it your best effort. Be present for your spouse and children when they want to talk about their day. Hear what they are saying, giving your undivided attention. When you do a job, don't just half-ass it. Do your very best at whatever project you are working.

When I would teach yoga in a group setting I would start the class the same way by saying, "Congratulations! You made it. You got up, got dressed, dropped off the kids at school and showed up for yourself." Because let's face it, showing up takes the most effort. As a mother of small children, it is no small task to show up for a fitness class, a job, volunteer at your kids school, having a date with your husband or to meet up with girl friends. Hell, even going grocery shopping can be a morning event. Don't sell yourself short on the efforts you do make everyday. Give yourself credit where credit is due. Also, be honest with yourself can you show up in other areas of your life?

"Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen

Only you know when you are living your full potential and giving 100% to yourself and others. How would your life improve if you made the conscious choice to show up every day? Would you be healthier? Would you be closer to living the life you imagine? Would you attain your goals? Would your relationships be stronger, healthier? Would you be happier?

No matter how many bumps and bruises you get along the way, keep getting up. Keep showing up for life! Stand in your power and state, "I am here. I am showing up in my life. I deserve to be my best. The people in my life deserve my best self."

Turn off the TV. Get off of your phone. Stop complaining. No more excuses. Wake up early in the morning. No more going through the motions. Be present for those around you. Give 100% to whatever you are doing. Take action steps toward your dreams. Listen to your loved ones. Keep trying. Don't quit. Be the best you can at this moment.


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