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Self-Care Ideas for ALL Areas of Life ~ Mind, Body, Soul

Self-care is one of those things that we can easily neglect. I’m sharing simple, easy self-care ideas you can incorporate into your daily or weekly schedule.

I didn’t use to be very good at self-care in my 20s and 30s. I would feel guilty for making my well-being a priority. But as I age, I realize how much self-care impacts my overall well-being. I’ve come to appreciate and value my self-care and make it a priority in my life. If I’m less stressed, healthy, calm, and happy, I feel that I’m a better person.

Self-care is anything that you do to help protect or nurture your health and well-being.

There are so many different ways to practice self-care. To me, self-care is about taking complete care of myself. I categorize self-care into four groups.





I hope some of these self-care ideas will resonate with you and bring you joy and wellness.

Self-care for your body

  • Move your body.

  • Go for a walk in nature. Put on music and dance around your house.

  • Do yoga or stretching. Do a workout on youtube.

  • Make a healthy, feel-good meal for yourself. Maybe your favorite dish or comfort food.

  • Dry brushing to stimulate new cell growth and combat cellulite

  • Pamper yourself. Take a hot bubble bath with candles and spa music. Do a facial treatment and paint your nails—at-home spa day.

Self-care for your spirit

  • Tune in: Ask yourself what it is that you need right now. Checking in with ourselves is a quick way to become mindful of what we need to feel good—and then align ourselves with what we need.

  • Self-compassion: Treat yourself with kindness and compassion as you would a small child or best friend. We can be pretty hard on ourselves at times. We can be very judgemental of ourselves. A simple way to show compassion is to place your hand on your heart. Grounding and connecting to yourself. And repeating in your mind or out loud, “I love who I am. I appreciate all that I do. I deserve happiness and peace.”

  • Meditate or sit in silence. Giving yourself space to quiet the mind and relax

  • Walk barefoot on the grass, feeling a grounding and connection to the earth.

  • Take yourself on a date. Maybe make a picnic with your favorite wine and enjoy the simplicity of nature.

  • Journal, write what you’re grateful for, and daydream about your ideal future. Let your mind become childlike and daydream the impossible dreams.

  • Buy yourself fresh flowers.

Self-care for your mind

It is about stimulating the mind, learning something new, and personal growth. It’s fun to introduce new ideas and experiences.

  • Read a book, listen to a podcast, watch a documentary

  • Visit a museum or historic site

  • Pick up a new hobby like painting, musical instrument, craft

  • Learn a language

Self-care for your life.

Self-care is not only about pampering ourselves. It is also about taking time to handle our life, work, and home.

  • Get organized! Buy a planner or digital one and plan out your week or month.

  • Open your mail and put your bills on auto-pay

  • Create a vision board and plan out adventures you want to experience.

  • Declutter your closet or kitchen

  • Tidy up your home or if you feel ambitious, do a deep clean.


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