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5 Steps to Overcome Fear

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Face your fears and overcome the fear

"Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will."

- W. Clement Stone

Fear. We all fear something, for many of us that fear can become crippling — holding us back from our biggest dreams, our successes, our perfect love, and our happiness. Fear brings stress and worry. We fear the unknown. It is the "what if" factor that takes us down the long dark path of fear. "What if I fail?" we tell ourselves. "What if I am alone the rest of my life?" "What if I get lost on my trip?" "What if I get sick away from home?" What if I make a fool of myself?" The FEAR MONSTER grows more prominent the more you feed it with self-doubts. The more fear we feel, the more stressed out we are, the less productive we are because we are mentally consumed with fear. Our relationships suffer because we are not fully present. We become unhappy because we are in a state of fear, stress, and worry. Our self-esteem suffers because we are not living up to our full potential and feel defeated.

How many times in your life have you held back from your dreams because you were scared to make a move toward them? I have absolutely, frozen in my tracks due to fear. I have had dreams of creating a better life for myself, be more self-reliant, and yet I prolonged those dreams YEARS because I was afraid. You can overcome fear, but only when you take action. Without action, the fear monster will camp out at your house.

#1 Get the fear out of your head and onto paper. By writing it down the fear loses its powers over you. Acknowledge the fear from a place of authority and control. Not the timid you, but a new you that will not be intimidated any more by fear. You are confronting the fear head-on and saying, "I see you in the corner of my mind. I know what you are. I am strong and confident, and I can take you on."

#2 Write down your fear then see it play to the end. Confronting the worst case scenario (which rarely happens) will allow you to see past your fear and realize that you will be alright no matter what plays out. After all, it is the fear of the unknown that is our biggest worry. Once you play out all of the thinkable scenarios, you become confident in your abilities to handle any situation.

#3 Visualize yourself doing the thing you are afraid and excelling at it. Your thoughts are mighty! Look at how your thoughts and believes have defeated you by using fear. Use the power of your thoughts to your advantage. In your mind's eye see how you will execute the project, get promoted at work, meet your soul mate, travel the world. Notice all of the details of your future success. Relish in how good it makes you feel.

#4 Find your inner lion. You need to dig deep and uncover your courage. Once you unveil your courage, there is nothing that can stop you. We are all born with courage. We have all been courageous in our lives. Recall times in your past when you have been fearful yet found your bravery and pushed through the fear. Give yourself the pep-talk you would give your best friend or your child. You CAN do this.

#5 Take Action! Fear can not reside where there is action. With action toward your goals, you silence the fear monster. If you are taking action, you are no longer in a place of fear. With each step of action, you make the more capable and strong you feel. Baby step your way toward your dreams.

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