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Out Of The Box Thinking

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Think Outside The Box

"Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained."

- Nicolas Manetta

Out of the box thinking is a methodology that used to only apply to inventors and artists. The inventors are always looking to solve a problem, and the artists are striving to create a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art. Corporations began looking for out of the box thinkers, to get a leg up on their competitors. Corporations need thinkers to be the best at innovation, marketing, and fresh look at a rapid paced world and to win the business of the always distracted consumer. Now we are moving into a new idea of what is out of the box thinking. Out of the box thinking doesn't just apply to inventors and marketing teams, is integrated into the conventional way of thinking. It refers to the mast variety of how we can live, where we live, the way we choose to make money, where we get our education, and what is considered the new "normal." We are coming into a modern society where anything and everything is possible, all that is needed to be creative and dare to jump.

Those who believe there is no way out of the box will forever be contained in it. These are the people that never try new things and try to "not rock the boat." People who can not see that there are multiple possibilities in any given idea are not willing to try other options, or they are afraid to try.

If you want to change something in your life, you CAN. Out of the box thinking is just knowing that if there is a will, there is a way. Just because you don't personally know of anyone who has done what you want, does not mean that it can not be achieved. The chances are pretty good that someone has done a variation of what you aspire to do.

How do you become an out of the box thinker? Nothing creative or innovative ever happens when the spark of interest is quickly put out. Begin by deprogramming your mind from jumping to the automatic response when a new idea comes into your thoughts. We often jump to the view, "It CAN'T be done, or I CAN'T do it." Instead of putting on the breaks, hit the gas. Tell yourself, "I can find a way. Anything is possible." Let the spark ignite into a flame that inspires your imagination.

Next, get brainstorming! Creativity is a skill that has to be practiced like any other skill. When we go a long time without using our creativity skill, it can pretty rusty, which may make it a slow process to get it rolling again. The more you use your creativity, the easier it is to access. Think of all of the many, many ways you could achieve your goal. Write down ALL of your ideas. Nothing is off limits. You have a wealth of the world at your fingertips. Start researching the roadblocks you are hitting to see if someone else has been come up against the same barrier. Others may not have the exact problem, but it may give you an idea of how to overcome yours.

Find your courage! It is frightening to step out of the box, to go against the grain. But anything worth having is going to courage to get there. If others around you are not supportive, DON'T listen. Anytime someone steps out of the box it makes the ones inside the box uneasy.

Try! Start to make steps toward your goal. You will not know if you can unless you try. You might fail once or twice or 1,000 times. But, each attempt is closer to finding a new way that will work and closer to your dream.

Get out of the box! Lift the lid and walk around in the sunshine. There are endless possibilities in your life. So why not live as many as possible?

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