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Next Chapter In Life?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Move on to the next chapter in life

"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one." - Anonymous

What is the next chapter of your life? It doesn't matter how old or how young you are there is always the opportunity for you to create a new chapter in life. Striving for new experiences is what gives life, meaning, and interest. Moving toward a new chapter of our life is when we grow the most. We feel young and filled with life when we are working toward a new version of ourselves. Think about the last time you wanted to start a new chapter of your life, maybe you started college, got married, started a new career, became a parent. Remember how exhilarating it was to know that the road ahead was a wide-open and full of mystery. Sure, it may have felt a bit scary, but any unknown is. Beginning a new chapter in life can feel like a new life is starting with endless possibilities.

We get stuck in a loop when we continue to re-read the same old chapters. We become depressed when those old loops and sections repeat for years on end. We can trap ourselves in the same, never changing, never-ending story. It is a form of crazy to repeat the same thing day in and day out and expect a different result. It is common for people to complain about their lives and yet when asked what the next chapter is they draw a blank.

If you are feeling stuck, maybe it's time you identify what your next chapter is.

It is time to stop re-reading and re-living the same chapter.

Escape the loop!

Visualize what you want your life to look like in 10, 15 or 20 years. Are you doing the same thing day-after-day that you are today? If not, how is your day different? Play with the idea of being able to do, be, and create any reality you want. If you could wave a magic wand and have different life experience, what do you see in your mind's eye? Change begins with your imagination. You can't create it if you can't imagine it.

A new chapter requires an end to the old one and a beginning to the next. How boring would a book be if it were the same three chapters repeated? BORING! Why should your life read like a repeating book? Your life can read like a novel with a beginning, middle, and end. You could fill your life with adventure, several careers, different stages, and many experiences. But to have these new experiences, you must let go of the past.

Think of a butterfly and all of the stages of life it has. However, the butterfly could never fly if it refuses to break out of its cocoon.

It's time to leave your cocoon and fly away.

Is it going to be scary? You bet! It is the unknown that tends to intimidate people the most when it comes to change. There is unpredictability when you choose to move into a new chapter of life. But, instead of looking at this new chapter in your life as scary look at it as exciting. After all, the feeling in the body of scared is the same excited. So just think about how excited you are. Find your courage to take a chance on a new experience. It may lead you to an entirely new path that you love.

Will there be set-backs? More than likely! With anything in life there are going to be a few set-backs. This is just part of life. Especially when you are trying something new. You are not going to know all the in's and out's of it. You will make mistakes, that how you learn. I was at a loss when I brought my oldest son home from the hospital. I had NO idea how to take care of a baby. The first day he cried and cried. I fed him, I sang to him, I rocked him. Nothing seemed to sooth him. Then I realized I hadn't changed his diaper all day! OH CRAP! He was much happier when he had a dry bottom. Lesson learned.

Whether you starting a new life, a new career or a new diet, there will always be growing pains. But if you wait until you know every little thing there is to know before you jump, you never will.

Be daring!

Be brave!

Be creative!

Be curious!

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