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Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Best Version of Yourself

"When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best version of themselves." - Steve Maraboli

2020! A new decade is beginning. How exciting it is to have a clean slate to design our future. It feels like the world is at my fingertips, waiting for me to mold it into what it longs to be.

Each new year brings the talk of New Year's resolutions. You know the drill, making you a typical wish list of the things you want to happen in the next 12 months. The list usually contains a few of the following:

Be Healthier

Lose Weight

Make More Money

Take a Vacation

Better Job or Promotion

Find Love Of My Life

And so on.....

These are lovely wishes, and if they are on your list, I hope they come true for you.

I'm curious. Have you had the same things on your New Years Resolution in the past?

If so, why are they on your list again?

How did they work out in the past?

I worked as a Yoga Instructor for 20 years, and every year January was packed with newbies in their new, expensive yoga gear. By February, the yoga studio was back to normal with the pretty much the same people who would come in December. A few of the newbies would stick around for the rest of the year, but mostly they never came back after January.

Have you ever noticed this New Years' fitness craze at your gym or studio? Maybe you are one of the New Year newbies that shows up for a few weeks and then calls it quits.

Why is this?

I have a few theories as to why New Years' Resolutions don't stick.

  1. Because we wait till New Years to set the goal is a clear sign that we don't care that much about it. If we genuinely cared about losing weight, getting healthy, making more money, or changing jobs, we would have already started working toward it at some point during the last 11 months. It's like always starting the diet on a Monday. If we wanted to start a new diet, the day of the week shouldn't matter.

  2. Our New Year's Resolutions are vague. We haven't put time and thought into knowing the details of what we want. We toss out goals like be healthy, have more money, get a better job, without being clear on what those things mean. We are not clear about what we want. What does healthier look like to you? How will you know when you have achieved this goal? It's the same with wanting more money.

  3. Our goals are not only vague, but they are shallow. We don't know the reason WHY we want them. If I say, "I want to be skinny." vs. "I want to lose weight so that I don't have to take high blood pressure and I can play with my kids at the park" My reason WHY I want to lose weight means something to me in the second example. WHY we want to change and HOW will that change impact our lives is motivation.

We say to ourselves, "This year is going to be different!" as if a change is just going to happen.

"If you want change, YOU have to change." -Jim Rohn

Maybe we could try something new this year. Let's get wild and crazy and NOT set goals or resolutions for the new year.

Instead of making our list of goals that will go to the wayside by the Super Bowl, let's do something different. Let's look at the bigger picture of what your heart desires, then only looking at this year. Try to ask yourself better questions.



Did you get an answer that surprised you? Or maybe these questions stumped you. If you are not sure who you want to become or what your best version of yourself looks like, you are not alone. Most people don't have a vision for their future selves.

Self-reflection time!

Quiet the mind so that you can hear what your heart says.

Close your eyes. In your mind's eye, see your future self ten years from now. Take a mental picture of your future self if everything works out perfectly for you over the next ten years.

The year is 2030.

  • what do you look like

  • where do you live

  • who is in your life

  • how do you physically and mentally feel

  • what do you do during the day

  • are you happy

  • do you give and receive love, to whom

  • whose lives have you impacted

  • how have you made the world better

Now that you have an image of the VERY BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF write it down and put it where you can see it every day. Starting today (whatever day it is) every time you react to a situation, speak, eat, work, or do anything at all, ask yourself, "Is this action getting me closer or further away from my future best version of myself?"

If the answer is yes, excellent, if the answer is no, stop and pivot your actions to align with your version of your best self.

If you want better, then YOU have to become better.

Every action and reaction we take in our lives move us further down the path. Each baby step adds up. If we live intentionally and take control of our patterns and habit, then we will become the best version of ourselves. If we let life 'happen' to us and continue to meander blindness down the path, we will become a version of ourselves that reflects all of our little choices.



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