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Limiting Beliefs Examples

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

"Nothing restricts your success more than your limiting self-beliefs and fears" - Maddy Malhotra

Limiting beliefs are thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us that hold us back from reaching our full potential for happiness and success. Your thoughts turn into beliefs, and those beliefs influence your actions, which then create your reality. So, what happens when your thoughts are centered around negative thinking about yourself? Those negative thoughts will LIMIT you! The limiting beliefs you have will shape who you are, how happy, and how successful you are. Negative thoughts may be about you directly, perhaps about your intelligence, lack of ability or talent. Limiting thoughts may be a reflection of what you believe externally, maybe the safety of your city or other nations, lack money, or other people.

Many beliefs start as fear or doubt about our abilities or feeling inadequate. If gone unchecked these fears quickly snowball from thought to belief, growing into truth and manifesting into a reality. A reality that does not align with what our genuine desire is. It is common for these limiting self-beliefs to be hidden deep in our subconscious. Many times we are unaware that these beliefs are even affecting us. But the negative truths are preventing true happiness and joy. The limiting beliefs hold us back from reach for greatness. They keep us tethered to a life unfulfilled and small.

Limited thinking creates a limited life.

Below are examples of self-limiting beliefs.

1. I'm not smart enough.

2. I'm not good enough.

3. I'm bad at ________.

4. I'm unattractive.

5. I'm too old or young.

6. I don't have what it takes to succeed.

7. I wasn't born into money.

8. I'm not charismatic.

9. I can only make barely enough money to pay the bills.

10. I can't_____.

11. I'm not lovable.

12. I need others to justify my self-worth.

13. I don't have enough time.

14. I'll never have money.

15. I'll always be alone.

16. I'm not "lucky."

17. I'm not talented enough.

18. I'll never be healthy because it's not in my genes.

19. Someday I'll change.

20. It's not my fault.

21. I'll never be successful

22. My past is holding me back.

23. Life is hard.

24. If I put myself out there, I will get hurt.

25. I'm bad with money.

26. I'm not self-disciplined.

27. I'm unorganized naturally, so I can't be successful.

Below are examples of limiting beliefs outside of yourself.

1. Others have it out for me.

2. Others don't notice me.

3. Others are better than I am.

4. Only people born into money can be rich.

5. People are bad.

6. The world is not safe.

7. I'll risk my life if I travel.

8. No one loves me.

9. Money is the root of all evil.

10. Only college graduates can make money and have good jobs.

11. Others are lucky.

12. Others will hurt me.

13. Bad things always happen.

I'm sure there are a few examples on these lists that you have thought before. I know I have. None of us are perfect. It's easier to believe that we don't have control to change our lives than to accept that our happiness, success, health, and lifestyle is up to us. It feels better to "pass the buck" and make excuses as to WHY our lives are not the way we imagine. If you want to be happier. If you're going to be healthier, if you're going to live the life you imagine, then you have to STOP the negative thinking thoughts about yourself.

"The only limits you have are the limits you believe." -Wayne Dyer


Become aware of your thoughts.

Negative thinking is a habit... a bad habit. We have 60,000 thoughts in one day, most of which are repetitive. Break the repeating negative loop in your mind. Notice your thoughts. The next time you notice if you are retelling yourself a limiting belief, stop. Be intentional with your actions and thoughts.

Where did this thought start? Is it accurate?

Ask yourself, "Where did this idea first begin?" A lot of the self-image we have of ourselves and the world come from our childhood and adolescence. Try to track down the origin of this negative belief. Then ask yourself, "Is this belief accurate?" For example, if you had a boyfriend that broke your heart and now you believe you are unloveable, is that true? NO, it is not. Because one boyfriend was not a match for you does not make you unloveable.

Can you recall a time that would disprove this old negative thinking?

Look for proof. If you have a thought that only people born into wealth can be wealthy, look for examples of people who worked their way to success. There are many, many people like this, Oprah, J.K Rowling, and President Obama.

If you want your life to be better than start believing that it is.

Your thoughts create your reality. If you think limiting ideas, then you will always hold yourself back. Time to take action to become the person you imagine. When you catch yourself repeating a self-limiting belief, stop, and introduce a new, improved positive thought that will lift you. For example, if your old belief is, "I'm never going to have money." Change the thinking to one that serves you, "An avalanche of abundance flows toward me, meeting all of my wants and needs."

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