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Keep Dreaming Big!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Fight for Your Dreams

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

C.S. Lewis

Never stop dreaming!

Question for you: At what age are you old enough to start dreaming about your future?

Next question: At what age are you too old to keep dreaming about your future?

One more question: What is the number of dreams you're limited to have?

Last Question: When is a dream too big?


Dreams do not have time limits or limits on the amount you can have!

It doesn't matter if you are 5 or 95 years old, you can dream big! There is not a cap on the number of dreams you can have for yourself. No dream is ever too big, the bigger, the better!

It is easy to let the opinions and judgment of others to smoother our flame of desire. Other people's pessimistic views are like giant wet blankets to your fire. Who hasn't felt the sting of someone's judgment and opinion that goes against our deepest desire? It hurts, and it sucks! The most significant effect of other's views is that it makes us doubt ourselves, our choices, and our ability to reach our goals. It is hard enough to combat our self-doubting monster in our heads. When other people join in on the self-defeating theme, it makes tackling our dream difficult.

I know first hand how destructive other people's opinions can be on your dreams. Since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to be an actor in movies. Growing up, I acted in local plays. But, living in Utah, there wasn't a lot of movies or TV shows coming to town. Until 1989, a low budget movie called Troll 2 was filming in Utah. I caught my "big break" in the film, and I was 15-years-old. I was beyond ecstatic!

The years went by, and I never heard about Troll 2 again. I assumed that the movie never made it to completion. Six years later, I was browsing the World Wide Web and looked up my name, only to find a picture of myself in Troll 2. "WOW! The movie had been produced and released on video!" I was so stinking excited...until I read the reviews.

"Worst movie ever made with the Worst acting."

The reviews were harsh! Every critic hated the movie, directing and acting.

My dreams of becoming an actor were crushed! Because of the opinions of others, I swore off acting forever.

I thought that Troll 2 would disappear into the abyss of bad movies. If no one ever saw it, then it would be forgotten, and I MIGHT have a chance to work my back into the acting world quietly.


Troll 2 became a cult classic. It has remained on the Worst Movie List for over 30 years! As of 2019, MSN still has it as its top 20 worst movies. It became so well known for how horrible it was. A documentary was made about it.

After waiting nine years for the haunting Troll 2 movie to fall into obscurity, I realized it wasn't going anywhere. I had a choice to make, either let the critics' review of my acting keep me from pursuing my dream or put on my armor and get back into the arena.


I worked hard at my craft and worked as an actress for over 25 years, in National Commercials, Hallmark, Lifetime, and Disney.

The sad fact is, you will always be judged. There will ALWAYS be naysayers. You will always have someone trying to hold you down and crush your dreams. Sometimes they do because they love you, and this is their way of keeping you safe. Others are jealous of your vision and courage to live the life of your dreams. Sometimes your boldness and conviction to your goals make others feel uncomfortable. People don't like it when you step out of the box, because they are in the box. The sooner you accept that fact, the quicker you can shrug off these unhelpful opinions of your dream and get back to work on achieving it.

Put on your armor and get into the arena to fight for your dream. You will not achieve your goals sitting in the stands with the other naysayers.

You are NEVER too old, too young, untalented, also broke, or uneducated, to create a NEW DREAM or go after a dream that you have had for decades.

You have a gift! Each person has a special gift to offer the world. It is your job to uncover that gift and impact others' life's with it. Someone is waiting for you to write the song, tell the story, create art, teach them, heal them, feed them, and maybe make them laugh.


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