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How to Manifest Your Dreams

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Manifest your dreams! Vision + work = manifestation

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagine."

- Henry David Thoreau

You have the power to manifest the life of your dreams. Your dream life is not up to luck or chance. No one controls your future; there is no predetermined life outlined. You and only you can manifest your deepest desires. You have the power to manifest your dream relationship, your dream career, your ideal body, the amount of income you desire, and the adventures you imagine living. When you come to the realization that you can manifest your wildest dreams, like magic, you will feel empowered, hopeful and excited about your future. When we feel as if we are not in control of our own destiny, we can get discouraged, sad and angry. We can even become hopeless and give up trying to improve our lives. Without hope for a better life, we can become complacent and stuck in a life that doesn't fulfill us. We end up letting ourselves down, not living our best life.

Manifesting your dreams starts with just that... a dream. The idea of what you want in your best life is the seed where everything grows from. When you focus on your tiny glimmer of what you desire, it will begin to come into a clear picture. If nurtured the dream will grow bigger and bigger until it can not be denied. It will always be in your thoughts.

Believe with the heart of a child. Believe in your dream as if it were fact, not fiction. Know it to be true with your entire being. Have gratitude for the dream that is appearing before you. Never doubt that it is on its way, because when you doubt that the idea loses its momentum.

Set goals! Without a clear vision of what steps need to happen to get to your goal, you will be lost in the sea of indecision. Sit down with a notebook and set your long-term end goal. Don't forget to set an ending date for when you will have reached your goal. Without a date it turns in to someday and someday never comes. Then from the end goal work backwards, making smaller goals that will lead up to the end goal.

Time to take action toward that goal of your best life. Nothing just happens in life. Without effort, a dream will forever stay in the form of a thought. The idea needs actions to manifest into reality. Getting stuck in this step is easy. It can feel overwhelming and too big to undertake. It is as if you are at the bottom of Mount Everest looking at the peak and thinking, "There is no way I can get there." This is where our self-doubt sabotages our hopes for a better life.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Chinese Proverb

Just start! Take that first step no matter how small. Make a commitment to yourself that you will spend 15 minutes (minimum) every day, working toward your goal. Maybe look up information on the internet. Read a book about it. Create a budget plan. If traveling, then start downsizing your possessions. Clean out all of your unhealthy food if you are going to lose weight.

Start acting "as if" you already are living the life you imagine and soon you will have the experience you envision. If you see your future self as a healthy, slender person than act as if you already are. Healthy, fit people exercise and eat healthily every day. If you envision yourself as a successful business person, who worked their way up the corporate ladder, then act accordingly. Successful business people work harder then their colleague, they bring ideas to the table, and are the first ones at the office in the morning. Dreaming of a loving, healthy relationship? Be the person that would attract the person of your deepest desire. Whatever qualities you want the future partner to have embodied them yourself. Start to mirror the expectations you have of the dream companion, be kind, loving, generous, light-hearted, hard-working, funny, educated, honest.

Lastly, surround yourself with believers, others who believe you will achieve your goals. A dream is like an infant, it is very fragile. It needs nurturing, protection, constant attention, and love. An idea can quickly be shattered by a negative comment from a friend or family member. Keep your dreams close to your heart unless you are sure that you are speaking with a believer who will be supportive.

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