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How To Identify Your Natural Talents

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Find Your True Talents

"True happiness involves the full use of one's powers and talents."

- John W. Gardner

So, you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, and at a loss as to what direction to go. Join the club. You're not alone. With the pressure of social media continually influencing us to "fit in" with the crowd, it's no wonder our authentic self gets lost in the mix. But, the further away from our genuine person, we become, the more we feel a disconnect and out-of-touch with who we are. Our talents become buried under a pile of social media falsehoods.

What brings us a sense of fulfillment is not in what we get for ourselves but in what we give to others. We all have natural gifts and talents within us. Each of our abilities is unique to only us. We feel connected to self when we tap into and use these natural talents. But we come alive when we unwrap our innate gifts and share them with others.

I know what you're thinking, "But, I don't know what my talents and strengths are!"

Think of your strengths like a buried treasure. There are clues in your daily life to help you rediscover your gifts. Are you ready to go hunting for your hidden talents?

When do you feel STRONG?

Have you ever been doing something that feels easy and natural to you? A time when there wasn't any force. When you are drawn toward, something is when your inner talent is calling you. It feels comfortable, familiar, and free. Think back to moments in your life when you were "in the flow". An activity you did and time flew by. Almost as if your body and mind were functioning on auto-pilot.

What did you love to do as a child?

When we are kids, we live an uncensored life. Especially because our childhoods were one that was social media free, we could be ourselves on the playground. Think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do? What pretend games did you play? Remember, things were you naturally curious?

Ask your friends and family what your qualities are.

Many times we can not see our value. We tend to be too critical about ourselves. It is helpful to get an honest, outsiders perspective. Ask a family member or close friend to be your lens on your talents. You may be surprised by the answers they give. They could mention qualities that stand out to them, that you never even saw as a quality yourself. Again, our innate talents come out on their own without us trying to force them to happen.

Who do you admire?

Many times the people we look up to share the talents we have and want to improve on. Think of public figures, friends, authors, business professionals you admire. What are the qualities and skills that they demonstrate that you aspire to have? Chances are you share these same abilities, or it is something that sparks a light within you. Maybe, you are curious about the lifestyle they lead or how they impact others lives.

When have you received compliments?

Our gifts come out on their own. Others recognize these talents sometimes before we do. When are times in your life when you were praised for an action? Perhaps the compliment took you off guard. Has there been a pattern of the area you usually receive compliments?

Daydream Journal

Start to journal your daydreams. Where do your thoughts wander to when you daydream? Our dreams are a direct link to our subconscious. Our talents and dreams go unnoticed in the busy daily routines. Listen to your inner voice. What is it whispering to you? Tap into that little kid who stared out the car window and daydreamed about who they were going to be when they grew up.

Follow the breadcrumbs that lead you to your buried talents.

Your talents are waiting for you to rediscover them.

Others are waiting for you to open the gift you were given at birth and share it with them.

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