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How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk and Depression

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk and Depression

Have you ever heard the saying, "Turn that frown upside down?" It corny, but I have to admit I have said this to my children. It's easier said than done when you are in a funk. Have you had a bad mood turn into a bad day, which leads to a funk and depression? I have, and It's not a good feeling.

Has your lousy mood ever seemed to take over?

The negative and low energy of our mood feeds off of its self. If gone unchecked, our bad mood can grow into a depressed state of mind.

No one likes the icky, dark feeling of a funk. The quicker you can change how you feel, the soon you can get back to enjoying your life. So let's dig into a few methods to help get you out of the bad mood mud.

Honor your feels by giving a voice to them.

Many times we shove our feelings down and don't address them until they are overwhelming. Neglecting our emotions is especially common if we are busy and feel too rushed to devote time for self-care. Write down your worries, frustration, disappointments, and sadness. Maybe, go on a walk or drive and talk to yourself about all of your concerns. Start your personal dialogue with, "I feel _____, and _______. I feel this way because___________. " Cry, yell, allow yourself to purge your negative feelings. Clear out the emotional closet so that you can begin to fill it with positive ideas that will make you feel better.

Fill your emotional closet with feel-good thoughts.

Take the focus off of what's going wrong and put the spotlight on what's going right. Ask yourself, "What is going right." Think of as many good things that you can. If you notice a mental resistance, almost like your mind is calling bullshit on your positivity, go smaller. When we have been in a negative space, making a dramatic shift can feel unrealistic. Notice the little things that are going right.


I am not sick today.

My loved ones hugged me.

I have a good cup of coffee.

I'm having a good hair day.

I got to talk to my friend.

I have money in the bank to pay my bills.

I have a job.

The sun is shining.

I was able to meditate.

The stranger opened the door for me.

Notice the GOOD feelings.

Notice how acknowledging the things going right makes you feel. Pretty good, right? Our thoughts create our feelings. When we shift our thoughts to ALL of the things going right instead of the things going wrong, we feel GOOD. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and notice how good you feel as you list the positive things in your life. Notice how GOOD it feels to feel GOOD. Sit with this GOOD feeling for several minutes. Allow this positive feeling to resonate within you.

Good Samaritan

Do something kind for someone. We feel GOOD when we help others. Take the focus off of your needs. Instead of looking at what you think is missing or going wrong in your life, look for ways to bring joy to others.


Open a door for a stranger.

Send a love text to someone you love.

Make a meal for your family.

Take flowers to a friend who could use a little uplifting.

Pay for the coffee of the customer behind you in line.

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