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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The Story You Tell Yourself Shapes Your Life

"The story you tell yourself about yourself will either lift you up or tear you down."

- Monique Hohnberg

What is the story you tell yourself about your life? Is it a happy story where you are the hero of your own life or is it a sad story where you play the role of the victim. The story we tell ourselves can be the reason we succeed or the reason we fail. Our story will shape what we believe we can do. It is the reflection of if we can or cannot achieve our dreams. The story we repeat over and over again will inspire us to reach for greatness or tear us down and discourage us from attempting to try. Our story will determine the quality of our relationships, our salaries, our adventures, our health, our happiness, even our personalities. It is the recording in our heads that repeat over and over again both day and night.

When does this story begin to play in our minds? In many circumstances, our story starts with the story we are told as small children. The adults and peers around us will say something to us, and it sticks to the page in your book. Perhaps, we're told we are too little to play a sport, or that we aren't brilliant in school. Hopefully, we are told that we are capable of great things and are beautiful and lovable. Whatever we are related directly or indirectly a page is written in our story. As we grow others, continue to influence our story. Relationships in High School impact our self-image. Our grades and teachers comments tell another chapter in our book. Depending on the positive or negative influence you had as a child will shape your story to mirror the opinions of others onto you. The profound impact of other's worldly opinions will show up in our story about how we see the world around us. A comment from a parent about the lack of money or difficulty earning money will engrain on your story. If you always hear how people are kind and giving your book will include the kindness of a stranger. If the message you hear is how strangers can't be trusted, you will be leary of them.

Now, as an adult, you must sift through the good and bad stories you have been told about you and the world you lived in and chose what your NEW story is. Don't take everything you gathered growing up as fact. Most of the information we have picked up on as children are either our young interpretation or merely the reflection of someone else's story. The information you are told as a child may also not apply to you as an adult. If you were small as a child, you might not be now. Perhaps, you have mastered many forms of education and learning, but we're told you were not smart. Sometimes the dialogue we are fed as children is just plain wrong.

Your story is so impactful to your success and failure. What we think of ourselves is what matters above all. Others may think highly or less than of you, but what matters is how you feel about yourself. What you think of is what your reality will be.

Change your story, and you will change your life!

Whatever you think your right... good or bad.

If your story is one of greatness, lovability, kindness, intelligence and talent, you will have a life that mirrors those thoughts. If your story is that, "No one will ever love me" you will struggle to find someone to love you because you tell yourself every day that no one will. If your story is that, "I'm not smart enough to start my own company" you will never start your own company because you believe you can not. If you believe that, "I have qualities that make me a catch for my perfect match" you will find the perfect fit for you because you see yourself as having many good qualities. Gratitude is the seed of happiness.

You can write your story in any way you choose. You can create your story to include or omit any part of your past. You can script your story to describe you as the talented, beautiful, lovable, smart, creative person you are. What are you telling yourself? Is what you are telling yourself helping you to live your best life? Is your self talk encouraging you or discouraging you from going after your deepest desires?

Play the beautiful, hero of your own story!

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