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Adapting To Change

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

How to adapt to change

"It is not the strongest or most intelligent who survive but those who can best manage change." - Charles Darwin

The only constant in life is change. There is no denying that our high paced world is changing quicker than it ever has in the past. Technology has us all on warp speed. Sometimes it feels like we are on a raceway, speeding from one reality to the next. I barely get the hang of one new feature on my phone or computer only to have it updated and changed. It used to be that jobs would relatively be the same for hundreds or thousands of years. Now, a job can be created and become obsolete within a decade or less. The question is, how do you not only survive but thrive in this rapidly changing world?

You must adapt. Adapt or die.

It will not matter how badly you want things to stay the same or how much you did in your heals. The change will happen, no matter how much you dislike it. Life is change. Jobs end, loved ones die, finances fluctuate, homes sell, friends move, technology evolves, and we ALL get older. If you try to resist change, you will find yourself in a very frustrating and discouraged state-of-mind, because it is inevitable.

Here are a few tips to help you adapt to change.

Embrace the change. So much of our pain comes from resisting what is and wishing it was not happening. Don't try to swim upstream. Stop wasting energy, trying to stop the natural progression in life. Accepting what change is occurring will then release your anxious feelings over it. Once you have embraced the difference, then you can move on to adapting to the "new" thing in your life.

Welcome the change. If you view the change as a positive one welcome it with grace and appreciation that it is in your life. If you view the change as a negative one (say your company just got bought out or you have to relocate) see the bright side and use this change as an opportunity for you to expand your horizons. Focusing on what you think is negative change will not change it from occurring. So you might as well make yourself happy be welcoming all of the changes that come your way.

Give yourself time to adapt to the change. Time is especially needed for matters of the heart. Death of a loved one or a divorce can leave us shaken. Give yourself time to grieve, reflect, and sit with your emotions. Allow time to heal the wounds of your heart. Once you feel stronger, you can then adapt to this new change.

Stop the blame game and take responsibility for your life. Acknowledge that you are in control of your destiny. Yes, things happen in life that are unexpected, something we like others we don't like. But, each of us is ultimately in control of our reactions to any given situation. You may lose your job, now what? Sitting around sulking will not benefit you, nor will it help you find another job. Adapt to this new situation and work toward finding a better fitting job for yourself.

Take life's changes like water off of a ducks back. Life will always throw curveballs your way. "Go with the flow."

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