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Achieve Success - Using Beliefs

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Beliefs to become successful

"Your beliefs pave your way to success, or they block you."

- Martha Sinetar

There is a pattern that you can see in successful people, that is what they believe. Successful people believe in themselves. They think that the world is working out to benefit them, not out to get them. Successful people tend to be optimists, not pessimists. They see the potential of life. When things don't work out the way, they had hoped they take the lesson from the failure and use it to benefit them in future endeavors. I have learned to emulate that people that hold the qualities I want to see in myself. If someone is living the type of lifestyle you aspire to have, it is useful to examine what is working for them. Start to key into the speeches of people you admire. What is the running theme? Is it one of self-doubt or believing in one's greatness?

Are your beliefs aligned with who you want to become? Are your thoughts supporting what you wish to accomplish?


Here is a little exercise to help you determine if you believe the things you do to succeed in the areas of life you are hoping to.

Grab a notebook.

Close your eyes and envision your perfect surroundings, the house, the place, the environment of your best life imagined.

Who you want to become?

What behaviors do you have?

How do you speak and act toward others around you?

What impact do you have on the people in your life?

What impact do you have on the world you live?

When you have a defined image in your mind, open your eyes and write down in detail what you saw.

Next, write down the beliefs you need to have in yourself and the world for your ideal self to manifest.

Be honest with yourself. Are your beliefs in line with what they should be to achieve all that you aspire to have?

Don't worry, most of us don't believe we are the kind of person we need to be to as significant as we aspire to become. Most of us carry limiting believes about ourselves that hold us back from our best self. We typically buy into the idea that we are not "good enough" to have our dreams. But, it is these negative thoughts that hold you down, like anchors keeping you from flying to great heights. Each self-limiting idea about yourself is like adding a 20 lbs weight to your ankle. If you continue adding weight, you will never be able to reach your highest goals.

The good news is that you have the power to change your thoughts. You control what you are thinking. You can choose to create empowering ideas about your abilities, or you can hang on to those limiting beliefs that hold you down. Another fantastic thing is that you can constantly have the opportunity to change your ideas. If you have a low day and get stuck in the loop of negative thinking, you can change the limited thinking in a split second to an idea that will inspire you.

Each thought that enters your mind ask yourself, "Is this belief aligned with the thoughts I need to achieve my best self"?

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